Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Treasured Things of the Present & Past

The most treasured things to me are God and my family. My husband and I are trying to instill in our children the most important treasures are the ones we lay up in heaven! I also want my children to know treasures here on earth and I don't mean monetary ones. I find in this day an age that many sons and daughters grow up and get married only to find they can't do the simplest things to take care of a family, home, or even a job. I am trying to teach my girls treasures from days gone by. They all love to knit, which thrills my soul. We actually all just picked up this treasure a year ago and put down our crochet hooks and picked up knitting needles and haven't looked back. Another treasure I love that the girls enjoy is sewing. They all own a sewing machine of some sort, and enjoy making things for others and themselves. Especially at Christmas time. Our son does many things with his daddy to learn how to take care of a home and family.. everywhere dad is, he is watching/learning/soaking up the knowledge of his daddy. Thank you Lord for allowing us to show these great treasures to our children!

A lovely knitted dishcloth from a pattern over at Homespun Living (thanks Deb)

This dishcloth is the same pattern, but my oldest made it for me to put in the little basket I made recently.

New Shirt pattern, wonderful, the girls love when I make them clothes

Almost done

Finished isn't it wonderful!

Made this one in under an hour!

This is my oldest 2nd garment she has made, she is doing wonderful!

She wore it Sunday to church, although I made her go throw it on to take this pic, she is saying but mom I don't even have on my makeup.. love you baby girl!


Tipper said...

You have such a beautiful family! I am so impressed with your girls talent-and yours!

The Abbeys said...

WOW! I loved Cassie's skirt - I'm putting in my order for one!!! (I just don't want to be measured!!! :{ )

homespun living said...

Wow, thank you for the kind mention.
I love all the sewing - the tops look just like a Built by Wendy pattern I recently made for myself.