Saturday, July 23, 2011

Storms In Life

Well sometimes we have storms that come thru our life and sometimes they leave behind a path that of destruction...yesterday that happened here at our garden was hit hard and we have lost over half of our corn crop....but on a better note we did see a red tomato and a baby watermelon!

The girls trying their best to {fix} the corn

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summer Fun

We have gotten settled in the new house and are loving it...we got our garden in about a month later than everyone else...BUT as you can see it's doing great! We are very thankful the Lord has been blessing the growth of the plants. On the 4th of the July we had several of our closets friends over to enjoy a day of fellowship and of the favorite things us Baptist love is good food and fellowship lol...we had a great time...we then went to watch fireworks nearby.

The garden is flourishing

We weren't quite knee high by the 4th of July but so very close

lots of fun that night

Lots of laughing going on that day

Whats a 4th of July without good gospel music

Amazing to me that all these girls are the same age, and our little Liberty is the smallest.

great music on the front porch

Liberty having fun playing dodge base

the love of friends

we played dodge base in the rain that day

the twins loved this so much

they thought they were "big" stuff

This is what you call good ole redneck fun lol