Saturday, January 31, 2009

Update on Twins TTTS

Well Friday was a long exhausting day. Wasn't sure if I told you they are identical girlies.. but we have girls on the way. So far they see nothing wrong with the girls brains, all looked very good. As for the ECO Cardiogram our donor baby appears to have a good working heart right now. She looked good other than she is about 30% smaller than her sister, and of course has a very very small amount of fluid. Our recipient baby has a thickened heart and a small leak in a valve. They feel though this is only due to the TTTS, and should correct itself over time. We are at Stage III level C (severe). We are scheduled for surgery on Monday morning and if all goes well we will be released back to the hotel for a day or so and then come back in for more tests on the girls. We are still not nearly out of the woods. We have a long road ahead. There is still uncertainty on everything with many risks for both girls with all that has to be done. But not doing anything means we will lose the babies. We will not give up our our girls. God is so good and He has all in control!! My husband and I have been praying and asking the Lord to just pave the way and He has beyond anything we could dream of. We feel at such peace about where we are and the hospital we will be having this done at. The doctors are phenomenal and I love the nurses and staff they are all so personable. We continue to covet your prayers during all this.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

In Need Of Prayers

As I begin this post I find it hard to write the words needed. We had an ultrasound today and found our little bundles have what is called Twin to Twin Syndrome. This means one baby is getting all the nutrients and then some, and the other is getting little to none. Our baby "B" is what is called a donor baby and is 40% smaller than baby "A". We are being sent to a world renowned hospital for surgery to try and fix/reverse this before we lose both babies. As of right now both babies hearts are in overdrive to survive. We desire and covet your prayers more than anything. My sweet brother and sis in law are on their way to pick up our 5 children and take them home. Then tomorrow my momma, hubby and I start our journey to Ohio thru nasty weather and pray the roads are clear so I can be at my first appointment early Friday morning. Again please pray for our family all around. I think I may be taking a laptop and pray if I can to try and keep things updated as we go.