Monday, May 12, 2008


We'll this is our big fishing adventure.. As you can tell by the headline I wrote fishing?? that is because at the end of a nearly 5 hour day of fishing we only caught one tiny little fish. Dad says it is a blue gill.. mom knows nothing I just see a whole day of fishing and nothing but a tiny little fish. You will see thru the pics the kids were very excited but by about the third hour of fishing they were getting discouraged. Oh well taught them patience... LOL We'll try again soon.
Our bucket of minnows, the kids loved getting them out

Are we fishing yet dad??

Precious sun bathing

Dad, my line is coming onto the shore

Beauty Queen still has caught nothing

Okay dad still no fish!


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Tipper said...

Sorry not a good fishing day-but the pictures are great! I always lost interest when I fished with my Dad and brothers-I would end up just playing in the water.