Monday, October 5, 2009


A few weeks ago we were invited back to the NICU where the twins were born to put their little footprints on the wall. Many babies were born there in the past year and each are asked to come back. We knew this was something we wanted to do for many reasons. The moment our girls were born and sent to the NICU we had to pass this wall, and what a wall it is!! We looked and looked at each baby's footprints and what they weighed when they were was something to hold onto when you look at your babies laying in those isolettes helpless. If you look hard at the footprints of our girls you can see a footprint just below our girls and that baby was born exactly 3 months before our twins and she only weighed 1lb 15oz.. God is truly awesome. The two ladies helping put the footprints on the wall, were two exceptionally wonderful ladies! God sent us some awesome nurses and doctors but I truly believe that he put some special Christian people in our paths at just the right moments. These two ladies are 2 of those special people. I am so thankful for God using them at moments when we needed just that right person to be with us. I am still amazed when I look back at pics of them when they were first born and to look at them now it is just GOD!!

Ms. Diane is holding Olivia & Ms. Judy is holding Beatrice