Sunday, May 25, 2008

My Little Champion

My little man had a Rain Gutter Regatta race in his pack this past week and I am so proud of him! He and his daddy did lots of research online to design the best boat and to paint it those favorite Georgia Bulldog colors (hubby is a die hard fan). But out of all the kids his age and older he won the whole thing!!! He was undefeated the whole night. He was up against kids from ages 6-12 and he did awesome. The best thing was at the end when they handed out the awards for it, he didn't even realize he was the big winner and that he was undefeated. All he knew is he loved racing his boat! Great job little man, we are proud of you!!

Pre race jitters!

Just waiting till everything was ready to race

Blowin that boat down the rain gutter

He had the best technique for blowing, the others we using straws (they soon caught on to his way)

This was his shocking moment when they called his name

I couldn't even get a good pic he wouldn't stand still! Momma's so proud


Dana said...

You must be super proud! Way to go!

David & Rebekah said...

Very cool!!! The only major problem I see are those ugly red and black colors!!! haha