Sunday, May 25, 2008

My Little Champion

My little man had a Rain Gutter Regatta race in his pack this past week and I am so proud of him! He and his daddy did lots of research online to design the best boat and to paint it those favorite Georgia Bulldog colors (hubby is a die hard fan). But out of all the kids his age and older he won the whole thing!!! He was undefeated the whole night. He was up against kids from ages 6-12 and he did awesome. The best thing was at the end when they handed out the awards for it, he didn't even realize he was the big winner and that he was undefeated. All he knew is he loved racing his boat! Great job little man, we are proud of you!!

Pre race jitters!

Just waiting till everything was ready to race

Blowin that boat down the rain gutter

He had the best technique for blowing, the others we using straws (they soon caught on to his way)

This was his shocking moment when they called his name

I couldn't even get a good pic he wouldn't stand still! Momma's so proud

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Treasured Things of the Present & Past

The most treasured things to me are God and my family. My husband and I are trying to instill in our children the most important treasures are the ones we lay up in heaven! I also want my children to know treasures here on earth and I don't mean monetary ones. I find in this day an age that many sons and daughters grow up and get married only to find they can't do the simplest things to take care of a family, home, or even a job. I am trying to teach my girls treasures from days gone by. They all love to knit, which thrills my soul. We actually all just picked up this treasure a year ago and put down our crochet hooks and picked up knitting needles and haven't looked back. Another treasure I love that the girls enjoy is sewing. They all own a sewing machine of some sort, and enjoy making things for others and themselves. Especially at Christmas time. Our son does many things with his daddy to learn how to take care of a home and family.. everywhere dad is, he is watching/learning/soaking up the knowledge of his daddy. Thank you Lord for allowing us to show these great treasures to our children!

A lovely knitted dishcloth from a pattern over at Homespun Living (thanks Deb)

This dishcloth is the same pattern, but my oldest made it for me to put in the little basket I made recently.

New Shirt pattern, wonderful, the girls love when I make them clothes

Almost done

Finished isn't it wonderful!

Made this one in under an hour!

This is my oldest 2nd garment she has made, she is doing wonderful!

She wore it Sunday to church, although I made her go throw it on to take this pic, she is saying but mom I don't even have on my makeup.. love you baby girl!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

My Mother

I didn't get to post on Mother's Day to show what I made for my mother so here it is. I just want to say that I am thankful that the Lord has given me such a wonderful mother. Other than the Lord and my husband, my mom is my best friend. She is a blessing to me and my family. I just wanted to share what I made for her. She loves green so my daughter picked out this wonderful fabric and I used a great pattern by "Favorite Things" and here it is!

My mom & I

Monday, May 12, 2008


We'll this is our big fishing adventure.. As you can tell by the headline I wrote fishing?? that is because at the end of a nearly 5 hour day of fishing we only caught one tiny little fish. Dad says it is a blue gill.. mom knows nothing I just see a whole day of fishing and nothing but a tiny little fish. You will see thru the pics the kids were very excited but by about the third hour of fishing they were getting discouraged. Oh well taught them patience... LOL We'll try again soon.
Our bucket of minnows, the kids loved getting them out

Are we fishing yet dad??

Precious sun bathing

Dad, my line is coming onto the shore

Beauty Queen still has caught nothing

Okay dad still no fish!


Friday, May 9, 2008

Bags Finished! Dollywood Pics

Okay the bags are done! Aren't they just so cute. I just love them and so do the girls... they can't wait for camp to come so they can use them. They measure 13in long, 5in tall, & 3 1/2 in deep. They said we are going to tell everyone that mom made them.. I just giggle.. anyhoo... I promised more pics of last week and I have been here are a few of our trip to Dollywood.. I will try and update on our fishing trip sometime tomorrow

I just adore these... they fit the girls so well

Plenty of room for all their goodies

Aren't they cute!! They have an anniversary coming up too
It was the Scottish theme...they look mighty handsome
The end of our day at Bass Pro Shop

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Camp Project

Okay so I know this isn't pics of our week, but I love this little bag! The girls all wanted something to carry their bathroom things in for church camp coming up soon.. so I looked at some patterns and found a bag I wanted to make, but the directions were just too ridiculous so I just kinda made my own pattern in my head.. I have one almost done, tell me what you think. I have to still put the zipper in on the top but I just loved it (the girls love it too, that matters most right?LOL).. I made it from scraps I have and now I am on to the other 2 with some other fabric. This is quilted and lined as well. I will post the finished products once done!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Busy beyond measure!

We'll hubby was on vacation for the past week and half so as you can imagine we have tried to cram as much in as possible. I also tried to take pics whenever I could. We started it all off with a game of croquette (of course we did) so I snapped a few pics of the baby which I just loved. Then after Sunday morning service we headed to North Carolina and spent a day with my brother and his family for his birthday.. Then one day we spent working on my parents house (sorry no pics this time too busy working).. then one day just hubby & I went to Dollywood with my brother and sis in law for our anniversary/his birthday... we truly enjoyed ourselves! Then one day we took the kids fishing and I wasn't sure but I was able to squeeze in a day at the western North Carolina Herb Festival on Saturday. I will post pics throughout the week to show you the happenings from each day. I will warn you I took alot of pics and so did my daughter! Enjoy, and check back tomorrow or Tuesday for more pics.

My baby girl!

I just loved this pic

My brother and his precious!!

My son gettin excited cause the men are leaving to play GOLF!! He loves to play golf w/his daddy.

My dads lucky pig, HA HA I won't go any further with that comment

We brought over a ceiling fan and chandelier for my brother's house, it was fun watching them put it up

My mom & I

My baby girl and her cuz

My nephews feet look just like his daddy's!

I love this pic, they are so sweet aren't they