Saturday, July 3, 2010


We have many reasons to celebrate this weekend. Today was our 2nd oldest daughter Cheyenne's birthday. She turned 14 today. My my how the time flys by...I truly can remember her birth as though it was yesterday. She is growing into such a beautiful young lady and we are so proud of her. She loves on the babies all the time. Sometimes to the point where have to ask her to leave them alone for awhile...but that is a good thing we know she will be a great mother. She loves the Lord and last year 2 days after her birthday she was born again! She accepted the Lord as her personal savior, so Monday she will celebrate her spiritual birthday as well!
Then tomorrow we celebrate the birth of our country. I am beyond proud to live here. I have a husband who served his country proudly and to this day would do it again! He loves this country very much and prays that it would turn back to the ways of the Lord!
So to celebrate such wonderful things we took the family to a nearby river. It has picnic areas and places for you to get in and play with the children. They all had so much fun. It was very cloudy at a few points and we were praying it wouldn't rain on us. We grilled out and enjoyed a nice picnic as well.

My dearest love

The twins had such fun, they love the outdoors

The twins love the outdoors but they didn't love the cold mountain water!

I think he was trying to sneak up on the girls

Love this picture

The river area

She loved being on momma, she actually cried when they took her off, looks like I need another Ergo fast!

One of my favorites, many have thought these two were twins as well..they are very closely knit together

Very rare to get a picture of me..I'm usually behind the camera

The birthday girl!

I got several more of her trying to balance, she nearly fell in :)