Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Happy Birthday My Twin Girls..Beatrice Joy & Olivia Hope

Our miracle girls are 1 today!!! We really can't express how we feel on such a joyous day. There were times when we were told to choose between the girls, we choose the Lord! There were so many trials we went thru..but the Lord saw us thru it all!! When you came at 29 weeks and 2 days gestation, you were beyond tiny. There were times when they said they may not make it, we gave it all to God. We have been thru a journey that I can't say I would have volunteered for or asked to be on, but now looking back I can honestly say I am thankful for everything we have been thru. God showed my family so much and drew us closer to him and each other more than ever before. We are still walking that journey, as our little Olivia still has to be watched with her heart, but we know God has it all in his hands. We are so thankful to all our family and friends that were there for us and prayed for us when we were going thru so much uncertainty. My parents and my brother and sis-in-law helped tremendously with our children. Our pastor and pastors wife, we can't say thank you enough and how much we love you and appreciate you. Every time we would call they would jump in their car and leave no matter what was going on in their lives. Our church who prayed for us and the twins, thank you! God is sooooo good and we are so undeserving of it all, but I am humbled still at the thought that he choose my family to have these two amazing little girls in our lives! I still am amazed at how you looked then and how you look now. You are a far cry from that. We love you and pray that you will continue to be used by the Lord as you get older. We pray you accept the Jesus as your personal Lord and Saviour at a young age!
Aren't they the most precious twins ever??

They are very much little characters!
Them while in the NICU

Beatrice Joy 2lbs 5 oz, 14 inches long, born at 7:23 am
Beatrice Joy now 15 1/2lbs, and full of life!!

Olivia Hope 2lbs 11oz, 14 1/2inches long, born at 7:24 am

Olivia Hope 16 1/2lbs and full of energy!

They were so tiny my whole hand covered them! They are a far cry from what they were before.


Lauren said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Olivia and Beatrice! I thought that they had to be getting close to one soon. My niece's birthday was yesterday so it will be easy for me to remember their age now. What a celebration of making it to a year! Praise God! What a beautiful story of God's hand working in their lives that they have to share one day.

Chad and Jessica's Family said...

A very Happy Birthday to two little miracles. What a blessing indeed. They are so precious and God is so good. Still praying. They are beautiful!!!

ThyHandHathProvided said...

What a beautiful family you have- and what a wonderful milestone for the birthday girls! They are precious- God is so good:-).

Bethany said...

Hello Mrs. Cooper!

My sisters actually sewed my bridesmaids dresses -- and we made the pattern we used, so I'm not sure I can be very helpful!

I've enjoyed browsing your blog, and am so excited for your daughter!! May the Lord continue to bless their lives and relationship!

Chad and Jessica's Family said...

Thank you very much for your sweet encouragement. I would love email. You can email me anytime at praying for your sweet Olivia.