Thursday, November 6, 2014

God's Been Good in My Life

The past month, I've watched the Lord do some amazing things.  It's been a year since Olivia went to have her heart checked. And we were amazed at what the doctor had to say.  He gave her a clearance for 2 years!! PRAISE GOD!! That is something that we didn't think we'd ever hear! She's doing amazing and growing like a normal 5 1/2 yr old little girl. 

We are having a blast working with Master Clubs again this year.  Things are a bit different this year tho. We were asked by the Pastor to pray about taking over and being the directors this year. In the past we've been teachers, and helpers. We had already begun to feel this leading last spring, but just prayed together that the Lord would lead if that was his will. So when Pastor came to us, we had complete peace!  And we are truly enjoying this new journey. Also love serving with our children in this ministry! 

I am sitting here just amazed as I have already looked back at this year, and watched the Lord work in so many areas of my families life.  We truly have been blessed! I can really say "GOD'S BEEN GOOD IN MY LIFE"  At the beginning of 2014, I prayed for the Lord to really work in my families life. I had big things I was praying for. And asked him to use our family more than ever! And you know what? He has, and we are only in November! I can't wait to see what this month and next month has in store for us.

Praying your beginning to get into the Thanksgiving and Christmas spirit. If you read my blog, you know we are!! Planning on putting up our Christmas lights this weekend {of course the official lighting isn't till Thanksgiving night} But it takes us till then to get it all done! When you go to bed tonight, just sit and look around. Think of what the Lord has done for you this year thus far! You will realize that even in the hard times, God was GOOD.  He's the God of the mountain, and the God of the valley! God is good ALL THE TIME, ALL THE TIME God is good!! Remember that in the next several weeks when you think you won't make it. Or money is tight, and Christmas doesn't look so appealing. Remember this is a time to enjoy, with family and friends. This is our favorite time of year! Not for the gifts, but for what it means.  Our Lord sent his only son to be born in a lowly manger. He sent salvation to us!! Oh what ~JOY~ we have in our Lord.  Keep pressing on dear Christian, and be thankful for all he's done thus far!

 The girls and I at Olivia's heart check up

 The little girls Sunday treat, they love the Strawberries and Cream Fraps

 This was our hillbilly crazy night last month at Master Clubs

 My sweetie and I voting November 4th just before Master Clubs

 Love that our older girls, love our little girls!

 My baby brother {Captain} with our children, at the grand opening of their new fire station
 Our girls first time voting in an election

Two of our beautiful girls! We are so blessed!