Monday, May 5, 2008

Busy beyond measure!

We'll hubby was on vacation for the past week and half so as you can imagine we have tried to cram as much in as possible. I also tried to take pics whenever I could. We started it all off with a game of croquette (of course we did) so I snapped a few pics of the baby which I just loved. Then after Sunday morning service we headed to North Carolina and spent a day with my brother and his family for his birthday.. Then one day we spent working on my parents house (sorry no pics this time too busy working).. then one day just hubby & I went to Dollywood with my brother and sis in law for our anniversary/his birthday... we truly enjoyed ourselves! Then one day we took the kids fishing and I wasn't sure but I was able to squeeze in a day at the western North Carolina Herb Festival on Saturday. I will post pics throughout the week to show you the happenings from each day. I will warn you I took alot of pics and so did my daughter! Enjoy, and check back tomorrow or Tuesday for more pics.

My baby girl!

I just loved this pic

My brother and his precious!!

My son gettin excited cause the men are leaving to play GOLF!! He loves to play golf w/his daddy.

My dads lucky pig, HA HA I won't go any further with that comment

We brought over a ceiling fan and chandelier for my brother's house, it was fun watching them put it up

My mom & I

My baby girl and her cuz

My nephews feet look just like his daddy's!

I love this pic, they are so sweet aren't they


Tipper said...

Such sweet pictures. Looks like you all had a great time!

Dana said...

I love the pic of the baby ear!!!