Sunday, February 15, 2015

Let's Talk Oils {Young Living Oils}

Ok so first we like LOVE these oils. I'm sure you've been hearing about all the buzz about essential oils right??? We'll guess what? They've been around since the bible times! And we feel blessed that the Lord lead us to us these!  We began checking into them about a year ago. We have a friend here locally that used them and I began to pick her brain when I found out she used them too hahaha. We did our research online and found lots of companies that make essential oils. But Young Living Essential Oils is the only company that own their own farms, and they are all over the world. They grow them in their natural environments. And anyone can visit the farms and be part of the harvesting and distilling process. They have a seed to seal process they guarantee. Their oils are first distillation process only! The more you process the oils the more you loose the effect of them. They test them in house and a third party testing facility not affiliated with them. All weed control is done by hand. All pest control is done with EO's {essential oils}. They have 20+ years of experience and research. They have a wonderful selection of single oils and oil blends. I can't explain how much we love them. I have used them for headaches, menstrual issues, cuts, scratches, heartburn, burns, back aches, knee pain, my fractured wrist, after childbirth {my oldest daughter}, acne, sunburn, cough, congestion, spider bites, bronchitis, sinus infections, near pneumonia, allergies and soooo much more!   We use lavender and peace & calming in our diffuser at night to help us all sleep well, and recently started using Cedarwood for this too. We have two diffusers we use at night and during the day. I don't sell the oils per say. I love them so much I just want people to be able to buy them thru me or sign up under me to purchase the oils at a discounted price. You save 24% if you buy thru me OR become your own distributor with no obligations to sell!  But I'd love for you to be able to purchase them yourself at anytime. You only have to purchase $50 a YEAR! Not like other companies that require a monthly purchase, this company is not that way. If you sign up under me, which I'd love because it helps me earn more free oils please use my member id #1666741.

The website is  https://

Put my number in the sponsor ID  and enrolled ID if you choose to use their oils. I completely recommend using the premium starter kit for $150 you will get 11 essential oils starter kit size 5ml and you also get a diffuser. It is so worth the money! I promise you'll love them. We were skeptical at first and didn't tell anyone, but once we started we were hooked! My husband knew that when it worked on his headache within minutes it was real.  We use one called PanAway {which we joke should be called Pain Away}  and it's great on anything that hurts!! Including back aches and growing pains on my kids knees. It relieves pain better than ibuprofen or Tylenol. We use it after we work in the garden and so much more! My parents can attest to how wonderful they are! I bought them the kit to try and help with my dad's pain and my momma who works in her flower beds all day. I could go on and on, kids acne, cuts scraps and more! I have replaced so many over the counter meds it's crazy! 

 Check out the new website  it tells more about their commitment to their oils.
Please email me personally with any questions  you have about these wonderful oils! I'd love to send you a book and some samples or answer any questions you might have. I also recommend in time a great book that has just about anything you could use these oils for. Again the started kit is a good deal, and gets you going. Then take your time and find the oils that are right for your family. We don't have ever oils they make, we are slowly growing our supply and using what we know our family will use! And we love it!!

Member ID# 1666741

These are my go to oils for the flu and head colds!
 These were oils I used on a day my little ones were not feeling like happy little campers, and these helped tremendously!

 I had a friend sign up and they sent me this check as a thank you! And the oils and Super C under the check are ones I earned for FREE!!! This company is GREAT!!!
These are two of our favorites for bedtime! My husband won't sleep without his peace & calming applied.

These are amazing when your day is stressful and you might have some physical pain as well. Again nothing but a blessing!