Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Only 2 More Days!!!!

We are getting the UHaul tomorrow and loading up!! We pull out sometime Friday morning or lunch time!! We are so thrilled and just can't wait for Friday to get here!!! Thanks to all who have helped us pray for this...God answered and we are so very blessed!

Friday, November 20, 2009


Yes the picture means we are MOVING!!! Praise the Lord we have been praying for almost 2 years for God to open the doors for a transfer. We got the call on Tuesday, and we couldn't be more thrilled!! We will be moving more than likely on New Years Day..and yes we will spend the holidays in boxes but this is the best Christmas present we could get!!!! Thank you to all that have been praying for us and with us, God is always right on time! North Carolina here we come.

Monday, October 5, 2009


A few weeks ago we were invited back to the NICU where the twins were born to put their little footprints on the wall. Many babies were born there in the past year and each are asked to come back. We knew this was something we wanted to do for many reasons. The moment our girls were born and sent to the NICU we had to pass this wall, and what a wall it is!! We looked and looked at each baby's footprints and what they weighed when they were was something to hold onto when you look at your babies laying in those isolettes helpless. If you look hard at the footprints of our girls you can see a footprint just below our girls and that baby was born exactly 3 months before our twins and she only weighed 1lb 15oz.. God is truly awesome. The two ladies helping put the footprints on the wall, were two exceptionally wonderful ladies! God sent us some awesome nurses and doctors but I truly believe that he put some special Christian people in our paths at just the right moments. These two ladies are 2 of those special people. I am so thankful for God using them at moments when we needed just that right person to be with us. I am still amazed when I look back at pics of them when they were first born and to look at them now it is just GOD!!

Ms. Diane is holding Olivia & Ms. Judy is holding Beatrice

Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Precious Loves!

The loves of my life!! Thank you Lord for blessing me so much!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


UPDATE: Those looking for vacation pics and update on our beach excursion it is 2 posts below as I had started it awhile ago.. so scroll down and you will see what fun we had.
We are home, and are very thankful for the Lord bringing Olivia thru this procedure safely. The surgery was a success in that they got in and out safely. But it didn't accomplish what they wanted due to finding a small tissue mass under her pulmonary valve that is blocking the balloon they put in there from tearing the flap properly. So the doctors are hoping (we are praying) that she can make it to between 2-3 years old and then try this again. If it doesn't work then, they will have to do open heart surgery to remove the small tissue so they can then fix the valve. We are praying that we won't have to venture down that road. We are now home and she is doing well. God was good this morning in church we are thankful for such a wonderful pastor and pastors wife. They have been such a blessing to us thru all this, and once again our pastor sat with us while we waited for our little Olivia to come thru the surgery. We discussed many things and had a time of fellowship that is always such a blessing (during which we have all decided Olivia will be the trouble maker out of the two girls) Thank you Preacher and Ms. Vicki!! Thanks to all who have been and continue to pray for our family and these two girls!
Olivia post op..she was a bit loopy

Getting her echo cardiogram done prior to leaving

Resting peacefully

Her little arm was so pitiful, I felt so worried about holding her, but she was a trooper!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Off To Nashville Again

I know I have much to catch up on but life flys by when you have 7 children and 2 are twins! We will be on our way bright and early tomorrow to take little Olivia to Vanderbilt in Nashville again. She has to have another heart surgery on her pulmonary valve. They found it was being stressed too much. The procedure should be around 10ish so we ask once again for every one's prayers. Here is a sneak peek of some of the beach pictures. Aren't the girls just adorable!

Little Beatrice sun bathing

Little Olivia sun bathing too

They truly loved the beach, I believe it will be a tradition every year now.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th Of July!

May this 4th of July you enjoy the freedoms that our Lord has given us by allowing us to live in a free country. My precious twins are growing like little weeds! Ms. Beatrice is now 6lbs 3oz and Ms. Olivia 7lbs 3oz. they are doing very well. Our Olivia still has some issues with her heart that they are monitoring to possible have another procedure done. But they are over all pleased with them and how they are doing. We are heading out of state on Friday for a family get away. We will be meeting up with my brother and sis in law my adorable nephew, and my parents. We have had alot go on this year and we need a nice break. We have never had a family "vacation" so this will be fun. I will upload pics once we return. Pray for our safety and for the twins to deal well with the trip. Our family is so looking forward to it. Pray you have a great holiday!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Loving Every Moment Of My Crazy Life

Each morning I wake I am very much aware of how very blessed I truly am. I am so undeserving of it all. God has given me a truly wonderful husband and he is my very best friend. I have 7 beautiful, children.. all of them have good health, although the twins have to monitored it could have been so much worse. I so desire each of them to know the Lord and serve him with all they have. I have a very crazy chaotic life that most would not understand, but I am so glad it's my life. I always knew when I was a child that I wanted a large family, I just didn't know that it would really happen. I am surrounded by God's love and his grace. Sure I get up several times a night with 2 babies, and sometimes a toddler who has a bad dream. I even get up sometimes with kids that are sick and hugging that toilet, but I wouldn't trade a minute of it for all the treasure in the world. I have wonderful parents and a wonderful brother and sis in law that I can call at any moment and they would be there for me and have thru this whole journey. We are so grateful for that, because some people don't have that with their families. Thank you to all that have prayed for my family and continue to do so, we can feel each and everyone of them. Please continue to help us pray for the twins health as they grow, and help us to truly pray for my husband a job transfer. We so desire to move back home to our family and where our church is. We have been praying for over a year now and so want the Lord to open the doors. Especially now since we travel so far ( 1 1/2hours) to our church, and to see family.

This is us as we stopped coming back from Vanderbilt

My precious children

Look how they have changed from those frail little babies to babies with chubby cheeks.. The closer in size they are the more you can see they are identical.

Don't you just want to squeeze them

Sunday, June 7, 2009

On The Road Again

We are on the road heading to Nashville to the Vanderbilt Children's Hospital. The girls have a follow up eye exam tomorrow. They need to keep a check on their retinas to make sure they are forming properly. So we decided to make it a 2 day trip since the babies have to have break after so long in their carseats. Pray for the girls that all is well with their appointment tomorrow.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Precious Miracles!!

My precious girls are settling in wonderfully. Little Beatrice passed all her tests and came home this past Wednesday. We are so thrilled to have the girls here together. They are just so adorable and doing so good together. Yes I am a bit of a zombie due to the lack of sleep, but it is more than worth it. I have prayed so long for this day to come that I certainly can't complain. The amount of time our girls spent in the NICU is so little compared to so many people I have talked to. Our Olivia spent only 42 days and Beatrice 50 days. Praise the Lord, they have done phenomenal. We leave again this coming Sunday to head to Vanderbilt again for a follow up eye exam. They have to keep close tabs on their eyes since they came so early, we want to make sure their retinas are not being compromised in any way. We want to thank everyone who has prayed for our family and for these girls. To say thank you just wouldn't do it justice. God has heard your prayers and blessed these girls. Please continue to pray for them as the continue to grow.
Our precious girls

Aren't they just so precious!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Keep Praying

Well our little Olivia has been home since last Tuesday. We are patiently waiting for our little Beatrice to come home as well. She was right behind Olivia and then she had some bowel issues come up and they had to pull her from feeds and do some tests. She now seems better, but she is having a hard time holding her temperature while in an open crib. We have tried twice, she went in an open crib Friday day and then by the evening went back into the isolette. They then tried again and she had to be put back in the isolette at 1am Sunday morning. So we have let her stay in the isolette all day Sunday and yesterday. Our prayer is that sometime today they will try again to see if she can hold her temp. She is now 4lbs and we pray that since she is eating much better and weighs more that she will hold it on her own now. Please help us pray as this is the only thing keeping her from coming home. Olivia is doing wonderful, and we love having her home, we just still don't feel complete without Beatrice here. Last Tuesday was the best and worst day as I was uncertain when Beatrice was coming home, and to leave her was beyond heartbreaking. I think we all cried half way home because it was bittersweet knowing we had Olivia but leaving Beatrice. God showed me though, it is all in his timing.

UPDATE: They have Beatrice in an open crib as of 10:30am this morning, she has to keep her temp holding for 24 hours and pass her carseat test!!! Please pray!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Getting So Close

The girls are doing amazing. Olivia is now up to 4lbs 3oz, and Beatrice is up to 3lbs 11oz. They have taken 5 straight bottles today and actually taking more than they are supposed to take. We are so thrilled!!! The doctor came in today and said that if they keep going like they are then maybe in a week or so then maybe they could come home. I am so ready for us to be a whole family unit. My heart aches to bring them home, and I get so giddy at the idea that we will have them here with us We have been blessed that they have had no bouts of apnea or brady's (heart rate drops or stopping breathing). Oh I so want them to come home together, that is my hearts desire. I ask everyone to pray that they do. We have eye exams coming up this week from doctors at Vanderbilt, so we pray that they go well. We spent sometime last Sunday on Mother's Day with the girls after church. They allowed all the children to come back.

Ms. Beatrice in her over sized onesie

Ms. Olivia is beginning to fill out her onesies

The girls and I just before Mother's Day

One of my favorite nurses, she was a blessing when Olivia left for Vanderbilt. She prayed with us and was ever so sweet with our girls. I have had so many wonderful nurses, but this lady was such a blessing and has meant the world to me.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Happy Anniversary

Our anniversary was this past Monday and we spent the evening with our girls. Daddy hadn't held the girls in awhile, and had never held them together so we had a good time getting them with daddy. He loved it, he just kept looking back and forth at them. One of my sweet nurses had left a card for us wishing us a Happy Anniversary and had signed it with the girls footprints and their names, it was so precious. In a million years I would have never dreamed we would be sitting here on our anniversary nor would I have ever thought we would have twins. I am so blessed!! I have a wonderful husband, who loves and adores me and our children. Right now he puts up with my crazy emotions and I am so grateful for that. We have 7 truly amazing children, and our Lord has done so much for us these past few months and truly the past 1 1/2 years. He has laid ground work for all that has come about with these girls, that we would have never guessed then. Thank you Lord for my husband and what he means to me and for my children and what a blessing they are. I also have to mention that our girls are gaining weight. Our little ones weigh exactly the same in grams and pounds/ounces. They are both 3lbs 5oz, 1515 grams!!! We are thrilled.

Happy Anniversary

This was what he did the whole time, back and forth between the two girls

Ms. Beatrice is one of the cute onesies their Uncle and Aunt got them

Ms. Olivia in her onesie from her Uncle & Aunt

They absolutely loved being together, isn't this too sweet

It's so amazing to look at them, both now 3lbs. 5oz

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Our girls are doing pretty good. We have had some up days and down days. We got back from Vanderbilt last Wednesday and Olivia was doing so good they took her off the cannula on the plane ride back to our NICU. But then on Thursday little Beatrice decided that Olivia had had enough attention and it was her turn to get some. She began to have some issues with her bowels, they felt they were seeing some air in them and took her off feeds and on triple antibiotics. She has been having x-rays each day about twice a day and sometimes every 6 hours. Yesterday they gave her another blood transfusion. She immediately looked pinker, but last night they weren't sure of something they saw on the x-ray which was very scary. They consulted with the pediatric radiologist and a pediatric surgeon and they felt it was nothing of concern. So prayerfully we are on the road to recovery with this situation. We attended church for the first time in awhile since all this has started. We only went to Sunday School and Sunday morning service and then headed to the NICU to spend the afternoon with the girls. As our days are sometimes good and sometimes not so good, I was reminded this past Sunday as I came into our freshly painted church that "JESUS NEVER FAILS". He has been with us every step of the way, and sometimes it's easier to say Lord where are you, why me, why us...please don't think I am a perfect person because my Lord knows my thoughts and already knows those things have come across them. But just as I think them, He reminds me I am here, I have this all under control, this is no surprise to me. I can tell you thru all this, my boldness to witness to others about my Lord has gotten so much stronger. I can't go one day without telling all the new nurses and ones I have had before what my Lord is doing each day thru these girls. So when I get discouraged and have my self a pity party, God nudges me and says remember I will never leave you nor forsake you..just think of what I have already done and know what I am going to do for these girls!!

My church as I sat on Sunday morning service, what a reminder

My Olivia looking sweetly at me just after I held her

My Beatrice loving up on me today

Olivia tuckered out after momma holdin her

Beatrice sleepin in my arms today

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Update On Olivia & Beatrice

Our little Olivia's procedure was done on Friday afternoon. The doctor's weren't sure until Thursday that they were even going to do the procedure yet as some of them were uncertain with her weight. Thursday mid day the Pediatric Cardiologist felt that waiting might actually put her in a dangerous position. She is now off the vent and only on a cannula, they plan on starting her on feedings tomorrow which we are thrilled about. We have done nothing but pray that God would show us exactly what He wanted for this little girl and our family. Our little Beatrice had to be put back on the cannula this morning and had to have a blood transfusion as her numbers weren't where they wanted them (UPDATE: they are going to try and take Beatrice off the cannula tonight). I had some points this week that I had no idea which way was up or down, but God has always been there with us and with our girls. I am so thankful for my family, for my parents taking care of our 5 other children. Thank you to my brother & sis-in-law for praying and being there for us and our children. For our preacher and his wife for being there for us while we have been going thru all this back in February till now. For everyone that has been praying for these girls, thank you so very much!!!

The flight team that picked her up on Wednesday

The team assessing her before they put her in their transport unit

This is them putting Olivia in the transport unit, this unit had everything that her NICU had, all on board this piece of equipment. It was truly amazing

The team heading out to take Olivia to the airport as she flew on their "Angel" jet back to Nashville

Daddy spied this when we were about to have the procedure. They have a wall of butterfly's with the donors names who helped build this hospital, this was on one of them. Our children called the twins "Splish & Splash" the whole time we were pregnant, this was so sweet when we saw it. God's little nuggets as my momma would say. We have run into and met so many twins during this journey it is amazing.

These are the two amazing surgeons that the Lord used to work on our Olivia's heart
Dr. Janssen & Dr. Doyle

Little Olivia just after her procedure, with her little warming cap still on

Our precious Olivia this afternoon, she is now only on the cannula and doing well