Monday, June 30, 2008

Church Junior Camp

We'll last week we went back home to North Carolina and spent half the week with our home church. We had 2 of our youngins attending Junior Camp which was held at the church.. then our oldest was a counselor for the camp. The kids had the time of their lives! They had preaching and bible lessons, games, singing and wonderful food! I spent part of each day with them and then in the evening I would go to my brother & sis in laws house and spend time with them. The children spent the night at the church and just had a blast. They took a trip to the putt putt course and then they went to a park and played in the creek and got ice cream.. At the end of the week they learned much about the Lord and made many new friends. Our 3rd daughter got the biggest helper award and our son got the tidiest award (shocking to mom)! I have to say thank you to our 2nd daughter as she stayed with me and helped me immensely with the baby this past week.. We went to all the places and she had fun too but she was my big helper! Her older sister and her are heading to youth camp the end of July so they are very excited about that!

Learning new songs

Heading to putt putt

The putt putt course

A few of the girls at camp

Our oldest and a childhood friend enjoying time together

Need I say anything (I think the smiles say it all)

Look mom my teeth are green!

The water was extremely cold!

This one loved the water!

Glued at the hip these two are!

This is pre-soaked

This is the preacher, he looks like he's having fun!

This is after the wash down!

The final service