Saturday, July 23, 2011

Storms In Life

Well sometimes we have storms that come thru our life and sometimes they leave behind a path that of destruction...yesterday that happened here at our garden was hit hard and we have lost over half of our corn crop....but on a better note we did see a red tomato and a baby watermelon!

The girls trying their best to {fix} the corn

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summer Fun

We have gotten settled in the new house and are loving it...we got our garden in about a month later than everyone else...BUT as you can see it's doing great! We are very thankful the Lord has been blessing the growth of the plants. On the 4th of the July we had several of our closets friends over to enjoy a day of fellowship and of the favorite things us Baptist love is good food and fellowship lol...we had a great time...we then went to watch fireworks nearby.

The garden is flourishing

We weren't quite knee high by the 4th of July but so very close

lots of fun that night

Lots of laughing going on that day

Whats a 4th of July without good gospel music

Amazing to me that all these girls are the same age, and our little Liberty is the smallest.

great music on the front porch

Liberty having fun playing dodge base

the love of friends

we played dodge base in the rain that day

the twins loved this so much

they thought they were "big" stuff

This is what you call good ole redneck fun lol

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Okay so we have been a bit busy...that's to say the least for sure. We went straight from Youth Rally at our church to the twins birthday. Then we prepared for our family get away..we took a few days and traveled to Cherry Grove North Carolina and spent a little time at the ocean. We then took our oldest children and all their friends to Dollywood. We had a blast with them! Cassie & her young man also attended a banquet the day before we left for vacation, so that was alot too. We then just had the Lord give us a tremendous blessing! We weren't really looking a new place to live, but this beautiful home came available. We have loved this home ever since we moved to the area we live. This is such a dollhouse and God opened the doors for us to move there. The home has nearly 2 acres so we can't wait! We make the big move the middle of June and truly are so excited!!! This is so much more like us, so we can't wait to move into this home full of charm. Please pray for us as we prepare to move the family. Thankfully it is just about 1 1/2miles down from our home now! But still lots to move and get settled. Once we get settled I will post an update. But I am posting a few pics of the home now..we have a little outside work to do in the gardens but really the home is beautiful!

The front of the home

The front of the home

The back of the house

We have another we are putting in a large garden too!

Daddy & Silas are so excited to have outbuildings

Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Precious Miracles Are *~TWO~* Today

I woke up this morning, not in labor, not in fear, but happiness filled my heart! I had 2 happy little girls in their rooms today. Two years ago though, I was scared, and nervous, and unsure of what the future was gonna hold. As I layed in the operating room, and the nurses and doctors were quickly moving about preparing for my 29 week 2 day old babies to arrive, all I could do was PRAY! Pray the Lord would guide the doctors and nurses, that he would protect these little ones in my womb. That the Lord would allow them to make it thru all this. One thing I remember which may have been silly to some, but it was oh so important to me was hearing them cry. I knew the chances were slim, since they were so tiny...but oh how my heart ached to hear them cry. I never heard a true cry of what a full term baby would sound like, although the nurses said they did..what I heard was a whimper...they were alive! Beatrice Joy was born @7:23am and was 2lb 5oz 14in long, and Olivia Hope was born @7:24am and was 2lb 11oz 14 1/2in long. It was the Lord's grace, truly amazing grace! We had been thru so much with them. Finding out at about 19 weeks that they had TTTS a very rare condition for identical twins, and then having fetal laser surgery at 20 weeks and not knowing if they would both make it, or worse yet doctors telling us we may lose both or have to choose between the two of them to save one. The doctors gave us little hope. But the Lord gave us HOPE, & JOY...and the peace knowing he was in control. Then I was put on bedrest, for not knowing how long my body would keep them in there safe haven. But oh our Lord knows whats best! He always does...I am so thankful for his timing and his protection. I know you must could these babies coming so early have been the Lord's will....I have NO DOUBT it was his timing and his will. Our little Olivia left 1 week after being born to Vanderbilt University to under go her 1st heart surgery (due to complications from TTTS) she was the smallest baby ever to have this particular procedure done. I have no doubt that was the Lord! I can go on and on about what God did during this time in our life, but it would take up so much room...I couldn't still fit it all in. He worked in ways only he can! He was always ahead of us, preparing the way...always in each tomorrow! Olivia still has issues with her heart, and I know the Lord is still taking care of her! She is a fighter, she doesn't show any outward signs of having problems...and it never slows her down! No meds, only check-ups and yes we know surgery is in her future but I know the Lord will be there with us. He knew these babies before they were conceived, and he's been there while they were in my womb, and each and every day since then.

The bible says in Psalm 139: 13-14

For thou hast possessed my reins: thou has covered my in my mother's womb. I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; marvelous are they works, and that my soul knoweth right well.

I thank the Lord for all my many friends over that past 2+ years that have prayed for us...he was working and still is today!

If you want to read more, go back to December 2008-May 2009 and then more on Olivia in Aug. 2009

My precious twin girls! God made you just for us..we love you so very much

The personalities you have are wonderful and we love watching you develop them
Olivia Hope 2lb 11oz 14 1/2in long

Beatrice Joy 2lb 5oz 14in long

My hand covered their little bodies, they were so tiny

Just after they came home from the NICU

Momma & her girls in the NICU almost time to come home

Momma & her girls last summer

Still fit in the swing together

Daddy & Momma on our anniversary 2009 in the NICU

we loved spending it with them!

Olivia playing outside the other day..loving the spring weather

Beatrice playing outside..being her silly self

Thursday, March 24, 2011

~Simple Things That Make Me Smile~

My little babies are getting so big. It's hard for me to believe that in 2 weeks from today they will be "2"...oh my goodness where has the time gone? This picture was taken yesterday while they waiting for their breakfast. I looked back at it last night and was so amazed at how much they look alike. Yes I know that sounds silly, but when you see them every day...I see 2 totally different kids (which they are) but being identical twins so many people wonder how we tell them apart. There is so much different about them that I can't imagine how others can't tell them apart lol...but looking at this picture makes me realize how people could have a hard time.

They had just woke up and were waiting ever so patiently for breakfast

Here they were being silly and waiting for lunch..oh I love my babies....all my babies :)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Down for the Count

Our house went down for the count yesterday. Cassie & I had colds over the weekend, but yesterday morning Cheyenne and Liberty woke up with high fevers. Then throughout the day one by one the rest of the children began to get fevers as well. The twins started late afternoon but have kept their fevers to a minimal. But everyone is very weak and down. Prayers are requested for my little people. We are praying for this to be very short lived. But as for today we are still down, not as bad but they are very tired today.

Monday, January 24, 2011

~*HaPpY BiRtHdAy*~

Happy Birthday to our oldest child. We are so very thankful for you. You have blessed us beyond what words can say. You made the most important decision in your life 9 years ago, when you accepted the Lord as your personal saviour. That is the greatest gift you could give us as parents. We have watched you grow in your walk with the Lord each and every day. You love to be a part of anything that is going on at church and things of the Lord. You love your kids in the bus ministry, and desire to lead them to the Lord. You have become beautiful inside and out. You show this in your walk and your talk. We love you and pray for the Lord to use you in a mighty way. We are excited to see what God is gonna do in your life and what the *future* may hold.


Serving the Lord in all you do

Fun and Energetic

The love of *FaMilY*

Best of Friends

Daddy's girl