Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Isn't it funny how life always seem to consume our time. We again have been very busy lately. I have been putting up beans, and corn. I didn't get a chance to do that last year with the twins coming home from the NICU. My time was consumed with taking care of preemies. We are very excited to be getting our canning and freezing done this year! We put up 68 pint jars of bush beans. I only got 16 3c bags of corn done so far..but much more to do! We will be working on tomatoes and peaches and salsa as those things start coming in. I did put a few pics of a few of my projects I have been working on. Haven't had a chance to take alot of pics as planned. I have been sewing away on culottes for the girls to have for church camp next week. Our little Liberty loved them so much I made her a pair too. The older girls have a split skirt pattern I am making which is wonderful! Looks just like a skirt!! Liberty's is full and long and again looks like an adorable skirt. I made the quilt below for some dear friends of ours at church who are expecting their first little one next month. Lord willing I will get more pics posted later this week (no promises though, lol). Praying everyone is enjoying the summer months. I can tell you I enjoy the fall months much better when the weather isn't so hot!
I have a urgent prayer request I would like all my readers to help me pray over. I had a friend call yesterday and let me know a friend of theirs just got news that their unborn twin babies have TTTS. This is the same thing our family went thru with Beatrice and Olivia. I ask everyone to please pray for them! They will be heading to Cincinnati soon for testing and probably surgery like we had. This is the Shook family... I so covet your prayers for them at this time!

Aren't these the most delicious fabrics!

This is the front

This is the back

Liberty's fabric for her culottes

Liberty in her culottes before our nightly walk around the neighborhood

Olivia Hope

Beatrice Joy

Silas working away planting, and helping daddy with outside work

Cassie canning away

Monday, June 7, 2010

Graduation, Banquet and Sneak Peaks

Okay so I have been so busy I haven't had the time to even think of posting! We were busy with Cassandra's banquet at church. Every year our church puts on a banquet for the young people. An alternative to prom you might say. We allow the girls to dress up in MODEST prom apparel and the guys suits. They all have a nice dinner and then they change into something more relaxing yet still modest and have hay rides/bon fires/and preaching. Lots of fun. So we were preparing for this. See when you want your young people to look modest sometimes you have to adjust the things you find. We had found the beautiful dress but of course the dress wasn't suitable everywhere so I had to make a jacket for her dress, which turned out great. What was even better was for the whole outfit we only had $25 in it! Then we went from that to Graduation!!! Oh she did great...our pastor preached a wonderful message for the graduates, but something we could all apply to our lives. We are so proud of her and what she is becoming for the Lord. We can't wait to see what God has in store for her life! While all this has been going on I have been working on some projects...below are some pics of the fabrics I have been using..later this week I will post pics of my finished items. I am praying about opening and Etsy shop to sell some of my sewing projects. I am just wanting to seek the Lord's will concerning this. Praying everyone has a blessed week. I know the summer months find all of us very busy, I am looking forward to seeing what everyone is up to.

Cassandra and Shasta both home school graduates in our church
Our Pastor preaching a wonderful message to the graduates!

Daddy & Momma awarding Cassandra her diploma! Our first home school graduate!

The changing of the tassel..was too cute hers got caught when she moved it, hence the face!

Daddy & Momma with Cassandra at our dinner afterwards

Cassandra heading to the banquet at our church

Love this pic

Cassandra and some of her closests friends

Cass, Lo, and Mo :) (love you girls)

this is my sneak peek...oh I am working on some great things!

This fabric is just to die for! Although I gave this one away...so sad

I just love quilting!

I do believe I may be opening a Etsy shop here soon ladies!!!