Sunday, May 27, 2012

~*The Promise of a Future*~

We took this weekend to take Cassie & Ben's engagement pictures..we are so thrilled for them.  The wedding preparations are coming along...they are in the process of buying a home..which is pictured below..we love it for them!  Please continue to pray for them as they prepare for the wedding and their future together as husband and wife.  A marriage only works if the {LORD} is the center of it!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

~Family Fun Away~

We recently got back from a wonderful time away as a family.  We usually just take a few days of time, but this year we choose to take a whole week last vacation with our sweet children before we add a new one to our family in July.  Our oldest daughter will be getting married in July and we are so excited for that day to come.  There are many preparations going on around here, so the time away was wonderful and refreshing!  We spent most of our time on the beach front, but we took a few days and went to the USS North Carolina...and daddy & little man did some golfing...and us girls did some serious consignment/thrift shop shopping...such fun we had!!! Enjoy the pictures..there are many of them... These are the best of the ones I took.. LOTS of memories made this year!

 One of the many pots used on USS North Carolina..big enough for my little ones to fit in :)

 The older girls taking a stroll on the beach enjoying the night air
 The big crabs the girls caught that late night evening
 One of the many jellyfish
 Sweet love between the twins
 Even sweeter love between sisters

 Sweet little ones footprints

{Love this}

 The love of my life!!!

 Love my kids..a wonderful blessing from the Lord

 Beautiful girls :)

 Oh how I love these children!

 They had such fun in the *big water* as they called it