Saturday, April 24, 2010

Finally....Word On Olivia!!!

We finally heard about Olivia and her heart. After much prayer...Vanderbilt phoned and let us know they were okay with her heart and where she is right now. We do know that in a year or so she will have to have surgery. We did find that the hole between the upper chambers (ASD) is larger than it was and is causing some of the issues. Her right upper chamber is enlarged and thickened due to the extra flow of blood, but isn't causing problems right now. She is to be monitored every 4 months to watch the situation. They feel that by closing the hole that may help the pulmonary valve and the problems there. We thank the Lord for showing us these new issues and where we stand with them. We are very thankful he led such great surgeons in our lives at Vanderbilt!! Please continue to pray for her, as I would love to see the Lord just heal all of this. But we know ultimately we want the Lords will to be done. Thank you all for praying with us and for Olivia!



They really think they are something now standing like this

Oh what fun we're going to have when they are walking!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


It's been awhile since my family has been down with a bug, and it seems one has reared it's ugly head in my house! I was down most of the day yesterday and last night. I am still very weak today, but feeling better than yesterday. I was awoke by the sounds of another child yelling for me that her older sister was getting sick. Not what I wanted to hear..I was praying that it was just me. Well today she has been down and sick. The twins and Liberty have been just a little off, so I am praying they don't get it like I did. Liberty insisted on staying in her PJ's something we don't do. She loves being in her dresses and on a normal day is wanting in her dress just as soon as breakfast is over, but today was different. So if you were to stop by today you would not be welcomed in as normal. Today my entire house is vedging in our PJ's due to this nasty bug flying thru my house! I am praying it will not hit my husband as he is on call this whole week for work. We desire your prayers for quick recovery, we have a youth rally at our church starting Friday and our children have no desire to miss it. Praying we will be back in the swing of things soon.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Happy Birthday My Twin Girls..Beatrice Joy & Olivia Hope

Our miracle girls are 1 today!!! We really can't express how we feel on such a joyous day. There were times when we were told to choose between the girls, we choose the Lord! There were so many trials we went thru..but the Lord saw us thru it all!! When you came at 29 weeks and 2 days gestation, you were beyond tiny. There were times when they said they may not make it, we gave it all to God. We have been thru a journey that I can't say I would have volunteered for or asked to be on, but now looking back I can honestly say I am thankful for everything we have been thru. God showed my family so much and drew us closer to him and each other more than ever before. We are still walking that journey, as our little Olivia still has to be watched with her heart, but we know God has it all in his hands. We are so thankful to all our family and friends that were there for us and prayed for us when we were going thru so much uncertainty. My parents and my brother and sis-in-law helped tremendously with our children. Our pastor and pastors wife, we can't say thank you enough and how much we love you and appreciate you. Every time we would call they would jump in their car and leave no matter what was going on in their lives. Our church who prayed for us and the twins, thank you! God is sooooo good and we are so undeserving of it all, but I am humbled still at the thought that he choose my family to have these two amazing little girls in our lives! I still am amazed at how you looked then and how you look now. You are a far cry from that. We love you and pray that you will continue to be used by the Lord as you get older. We pray you accept the Jesus as your personal Lord and Saviour at a young age!
Aren't they the most precious twins ever??

They are very much little characters!
Them while in the NICU

Beatrice Joy 2lbs 5 oz, 14 inches long, born at 7:23 am
Beatrice Joy now 15 1/2lbs, and full of life!!

Olivia Hope 2lbs 11oz, 14 1/2inches long, born at 7:24 am

Olivia Hope 16 1/2lbs and full of energy!

They were so tiny my whole hand covered them! They are a far cry from what they were before.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Update on Olivia Hope

Quick update on testing from Friday. The quick answer is we know nothing more than what we knew before the sedated echo!! But if I have the choice we will never have another sedated one done again. I feel no need to put my baby thru what she went thru for the echo cardiogram again! She has done fine with previous echos that she is awake for each and every time. This time they felt the need to sedate her...well it didn't go well. They found a good vein in her head and wanted to use that but also had another in her hand that they felt would be harder to get to. So momma not wanting to have her poked more than needed said okay go ahead do it there. Well it didn't work so they still had to do it in her hand..soooo after an hour of poking her and upsetting her to the point where she cried herself to sleep and was awaken with the 2nd needle momma was getting really upset. But that wasn't the worst of it! The sedation "team" so to speak....gave her the initial does which put her to sleep in a matter of 15 seconds! Scared to me death I might add..worked fine for 20 minutes or so, then she began to move just a tad so they gave her some more..1-2 minutes later she flinched!!!! they then gave her MORE...she then desated!!!!! She stopped breathing nearly on her own.....all I could do was stand there and watch them bag my daughter!!! Okay so I had to just ask the Lord to help my little one as there was nothing I could do... I also had to ask the Lord to help me hold my tongue, which when it comes to my family is not always easy to the Lords grace she began to breath okay again and they finished.. as we were nearly done I asked her cardiologist did he see anything much different? The response was well not WHY did we have to put my baby thru this????? We are now waiting to here from our doctors at Vanderbilt to make a decision that I truly can say we trust whether we need to go back in for another heart please help me pray the Lords will is done concerning all this. As a momma it is tough sometimes to sit back and wait to find out what the outcome is going to be. But I can say without a shadow of doubt God is in control and has been from the beginning!!!! Thank you so much for all the prayers.. I certainly can say they were needed and felt on Friday during it all...