Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th Of July!

May this 4th of July you enjoy the freedoms that our Lord has given us by allowing us to live in a free country. My precious twins are growing like little weeds! Ms. Beatrice is now 6lbs 3oz and Ms. Olivia 7lbs 3oz. they are doing very well. Our Olivia still has some issues with her heart that they are monitoring to possible have another procedure done. But they are over all pleased with them and how they are doing. We are heading out of state on Friday for a family get away. We will be meeting up with my brother and sis in law my adorable nephew, and my parents. We have had alot go on this year and we need a nice break. We have never had a family "vacation" so this will be fun. I will upload pics once we return. Pray for our safety and for the twins to deal well with the trip. Our family is so looking forward to it. Pray you have a great holiday!!