Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Family Fun At The Fair

We'll about 2 1/2 weeks ago we loaded up and headed across the mountain to the fair. The Western North Carolina fair used to be this little no nothing fair.. but over the years it has grown to be a very enjoyable fair. My kids haven't gotten to go for 3 years, ever since we moved here to east Tennessee. The fair here is pretty much worthless compared to back home. Thought I would share some pics of our time there. We had to visit all the booths of course just so we can get all the freebies! Lots of pencils, paper, new testaments, and wipes.

They just had to touch that there snake in the smokey the bear tent!

This handsome fellow happens to be my baby brother! He is a full-time fireman/paramedic and works the fair every year. (He's also a God called preacher I might add!) We enjoyed getting to see him at the fair.

Here he is with 4 of our kids and one extra (the littlest is a friend of ours youngin)

He is gettin ready to head back to work

The boys havin fun on the rides

Pumpkin watchin all the fun

These are some sweet friends of my girls, they were tickled to see them at the fair

My 3rd daughter loves the bumper cars

Pumpkin and my oldest just finished the flying elephant ride

Pumpkin wasn't too sure of the caterpillar ride

Our friends boy was feeding a Nigerian Dwarf baby (these are the goats we used to have and will again one day soon!)

Wait.. I spotted this behind them... I have decided I need this grocery buggy to go shopping with, it even has a motor and drives!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Fun Creations!

We'll with gas prices soring around here, what more can you do than make do with what you have in the home. We are staying put with the exception of daddy going to work and then going to church. So I whipped up a few fun things. I had so much fun making these cute crayon rolls for a few of the little ones at our church. I also found a tutorial on how to take a pair of blue jeans and turn them into a skirt, as it is harder to find a long denim skirt now days. I added cute fabric instead of more denim and the girls love them! It has become a hit at church, and most of the women are wanting the pattern.

I just used some scraps from a quilt I was making

Recognize that fabric? It's from Pumpkin's dress

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Pumpkin has started walking on her own now. She really thinks she is big stuff, and sometimes gets over anxious and crash dives. We had so much fun last night watchin her nearly run from either end of her room. I have finished a sweet little dress for Pumpkin. This was part of her birthday present that I forgot to post. I just love how it turned out and it fits her so nicely!

Don't you just love fabric covered buttons
I love her brown pedipeds with this dress, and daddy picked out lime green socks to match

Monday, September 1, 2008

Birthday Fun

Precious memories! My babies had their birthday this past weekend. What a blessing to have my little man here for 7 years and our little pumpkin is now a year old. What is so awesome is that they share the same birthday and it is almost to the exact hour. Little man got his very own tool set for his birthday and was very eager to get out and help dad with something.. he has been very cute as the tools have gone everywhere, and I mean he has literally carried them from room to room wherever he goes. He also got a cute daddy & son camping set from Gram & Pie. Pumpkin got some new blocks to play with for her birthday and she really likes them. We find her stirring them with her hand, rather than holding them. She also got a glow worm from Gram & Pie. She loves to listen to it sing and glow. Wonderful for driving to church. Pumpkin got her first taste of birthday cake. We made a soft orange cake with cream cheese frosting. She got a tiny piece which she really was only interested in the icing as you can tell by the pics below. Thank you Lord for allowing me to be a mother and have 5 blessings. Thank you Lord for my 2 precious birthday babies .. oh how they don't stay little long.

Pumpkin stirring her blocks

The first sight of cake

Trying to figure out what is on the finger

I think I can get more of that icing

That was good!