Sunday, November 3, 2013


One day I will slow down and be able to keep up with this blog lol.  Our life is always busy it seems! I am posting some pics of our happenings this summer.  We've had eventful things some happy, sad, frightening, and exciting!

One frightening was my dad getting in a very severe tractor trailer accident back in September.  He was asleep in the sleeper while his driving partner was fell asleep at the wheel.  It was very bad, but thank the Lord for protecting his life.  He has a very long road to recovery! He had 2 lower vertebrae broken, his knee broken, and his clavekal  and sternum broke as well. At this point he is still not healing, so we ask for much prayer for him.  Also pray for my mother as she is taking care of him right now.

As for exciting news, we had a phone call the middle of last month that our daughter and son-in-law are expecting their first child in June!  This will be our first grand-child and we can't wait.  Pray for a healthy, safe, and very little morning sickness for momma and baby!

We have another one fixing to start driving in the house too!

Enjoy the pics I pray everyone is preparing for the holidays at home and in their hearts!
 Fun on vacation
 Our princesses got a makeover on vacation 
 always the clown of the family 
 fun times at Master Clubs at church
 Our son teaching the adult Sunday School class
 picnic in the front yard
 My beautiful girls
 my sweet hubby got a transfer {home} so now we enjoy an occasional lunch together
 our oldest daughter and son in law {baby due in June 2014}
 having fun at the ocean
 lots of crafting been going on here
 practicing our driving skills
 love these two girls to pieces! {aren't they beautiful}
 Miera gave us all a makeover 
 my daddy when he got home from the accident
 on our way to the beach!!
 being silly and having fun
 daddy brought these home and they had some much fun with them
 summer fun and friends!
 while the older kids were away the littles and I got starbucks while we did more tomatoes
First time singing in front of the church
 Yardsale fun
 I whipped up these little dresses and skirt for the girls. I love how they turned out
 Best Friends meeting "willie"
 Our boy on his first youth outing at Dollywood

Sweet getaway with my man!
 Lots of canning this summer
 Creamed corn
 Beans, beans, and more beans
Tomato basil sauce

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


To say the words thank you wouldn't even cover our gratitude for all that everyone did for us the past couple of weeks.  Those who prayed and seeked the face of God on behalf of our Olivia, we say thank you! 
The doctor had originally thought she had 1 hole between her upper chambers.  Once in there, they found 3 holes.  They were able to close 2 holes with a special device, but the third hole was too close to a main artery and was too risky to close at this time.  They feel that hole will not give her trouble tho, so we are thankful for that.  They also checked her gradient numbers on her pulmonary valve and saw that once the holes were closed they looked better.  So they did nothing on the valve.  They feel confident that she will live a normal healthy life.  We will keep a monitor on her, to watch the valve and the other hole, but for now they are pleased.  We are thrilled tho!! So thankful for all the Lord has done for her.  We as parents are so unworthy of his precious grace, but he saw fit in his mercy and love to bless us with his care.  

This is child is such a trooper, never one time crying from fear, or anxiety   She loves her doctors, and always had a smile on her face.  Each time they would come in and check her and poke her, she would smile and say thank you.  Only 2 times did she get upset and that was due to her missing home, and Beatrice.  She said a few times she wanted Beatrice and to go home.  So thankful for her love for family!

This is the butterfly wall at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital.  The butterfly wall says splish and splash, this is what our children called the twins while we were pregnant with them.  This was  a nugget from the Lord the first time we had to visit this hospital nearly 4 years ago, with Olivia's first heart surgery at 8 days old.

Her wonderful surgeon ~ Dr. Janseen

All gowned up and ready to go daddy

Playing doctor on teddy.

In recovery waiting for our precious to wake up

Praising the Lord and heading home.


Monday, February 18, 2013

The Lord Will Be Enough To Get Us Thru

On Thursday the 21st, our precious Olivia will be at Monroe Carell Jr.
Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt for her 3rd heart surgery. We are
scheduled for a heart cath on Thursday, to close the hole between her
upper chambers and work on her pulmonary valve. They are uncertain as
to whether this will be accomplished thru this procedure. So we are
also scheduled for open heart surgery on Friday, in case they can't
get this done via catherization. We are asking for everyone to please
pray for our little one. We also are asking for prayers for her
identical twin sister Beatrice. This will be hard on both girls, as
they have not been apart since they were born. They are older now, and
more aware of things that are going on. These little girls have been
thru so much in their little lives, but one thing is for sure. WE KNOW
WHO HOLDS THEIR HANDS. Our Lord has guided from the time they were in
my womb, and had surgery at 20 weeks to save their lives due to TTTS.
We watched as they were born at 29w 2 days, and the Lord used them to
witness to so many people. We are again trusting the Lord to lead and
guide us this week and the weeks to come with Olivia. He's NEVER let
us down!! Lamentations 3: 21-25 {This I recall to my mind, therefore
have I HOPE. It is of the Lord's mercies that we are not consumed,
because his compassions fail not. They are new every morning: great is
thy FAITHFULNESS. The Lord is my portion, saith my soul; therefore
will I HOPE IN HIM. The Lord is good unto them that wait for him, to
the soul that seeketh him.

Monday, January 7, 2013

New Year...New Beginnings

I don't know about you but I love the New Year.  It always gives me a sense of new beginnings and a new sense of hope for the new year.  This past year has been filled with many many ups and downs...but thru it all my Lord has been faithful!  This year we are already preparing for a dip in the road.  We received news early in December that our Olivia would not be waiting like we had thought for her heart surgery.  Instead we waited thru the holidays to hear from surgeons for what and when we would be preparing our hearts for this journey.  We found out a few days after Christmas that we would travel back to Vanderbilt Children's Hospital in February for what we pray will be the least invasive procedure for her.  They will attempt to work on her ASD (whole between her 2 upper chambers) via the heart cath lab...if this is not fesable then we are penciled in for open heart the next morning.  While in there they will also attempt to repair her pulmonary valve as well.  The valve has been her biggest problem till this past year.  The ASD never got better, in fact it got a little worse, and so now that is giving her the most trouble.  We know the Lord is in control and we will give him the Glory no matter the outcome.  But we do covet your prayers for her and for us.  I have full trust that the Lord will pave the way and guide our each and every step.

We as a family are looking toward the future of this year with great visions and hopes!  We know that each year we draw closer to our Lords coming...and this year couldn't be any better a time to expect His return.  Until that time (which none of us know when that time will be) we will strive this year more than ever to seek him, serve him, live for him, and reach as many lost and lead them to HIM....because ONLY thru his precious blood may we enter into life eternal with him.  I'm pretty excited about that...can't imagine going thru this life with no month we will walk into a hospital with our hope not lying in the hands of surgeons but in the one who created life itself!

{My apologies for the poor quality of the pics..they are from my instagram}

 Ms. Olivia posing for the camera as always

 I've been on a sewing frenzy since the wedding last year and haven't how their coats turned out..just precious on them

 Some outfits I whipped up on a Saturday cuz I just couldn't pass up these adorable fabric scraps I had