Friday, May 9, 2008

Bags Finished! Dollywood Pics

Okay the bags are done! Aren't they just so cute. I just love them and so do the girls... they can't wait for camp to come so they can use them. They measure 13in long, 5in tall, & 3 1/2 in deep. They said we are going to tell everyone that mom made them.. I just giggle.. anyhoo... I promised more pics of last week and I have been here are a few of our trip to Dollywood.. I will try and update on our fishing trip sometime tomorrow

I just adore these... they fit the girls so well

Plenty of room for all their goodies

Aren't they cute!! They have an anniversary coming up too
It was the Scottish theme...they look mighty handsome
The end of our day at Bass Pro Shop


Tipper said...

I cannot beleive you made those bags-they are outstanding!!

Dollywood is so much fun. I like its family friendly feel. And its music!

Our Back Porch said...

Just found your blog from Show and Tell Sunday. Your bags are awesome. You gotta love Dollywood! We use to go almost every year when our boys were young.

Happy Mother's Day!