Friday, June 19, 2009

Loving Every Moment Of My Crazy Life

Each morning I wake I am very much aware of how very blessed I truly am. I am so undeserving of it all. God has given me a truly wonderful husband and he is my very best friend. I have 7 beautiful, children.. all of them have good health, although the twins have to monitored it could have been so much worse. I so desire each of them to know the Lord and serve him with all they have. I have a very crazy chaotic life that most would not understand, but I am so glad it's my life. I always knew when I was a child that I wanted a large family, I just didn't know that it would really happen. I am surrounded by God's love and his grace. Sure I get up several times a night with 2 babies, and sometimes a toddler who has a bad dream. I even get up sometimes with kids that are sick and hugging that toilet, but I wouldn't trade a minute of it for all the treasure in the world. I have wonderful parents and a wonderful brother and sis in law that I can call at any moment and they would be there for me and have thru this whole journey. We are so grateful for that, because some people don't have that with their families. Thank you to all that have prayed for my family and continue to do so, we can feel each and everyone of them. Please continue to help us pray for the twins health as they grow, and help us to truly pray for my husband a job transfer. We so desire to move back home to our family and where our church is. We have been praying for over a year now and so want the Lord to open the doors. Especially now since we travel so far ( 1 1/2hours) to our church, and to see family.

This is us as we stopped coming back from Vanderbilt

My precious children

Look how they have changed from those frail little babies to babies with chubby cheeks.. The closer in size they are the more you can see they are identical.

Don't you just want to squeeze them


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

They are so beautiful Carrie. As are all of your children. I hate I wasn't able to see you at Church Sunday. Maybe this week. Thanks for your note and prayers. We find out for sure on the 29th if we are having a boy or girl. Well, congrats again and your crazy life as you called it, is an inspriation and a blessing to us. We are praying for your move. Love ya, Michelle

Lauren said...

What a beautiful family! I think my husband probably feels a little bit like maybe your husband and son because he's the only male in a house full of females. Your precious babies are gorgeous. We have the same two little dresses from Wal-Mart! I love them. If we lived closer, I could share my hand me downs with you. My niece gets all of them right now, but my sister always sends back the duplicates because she doesn't need two of one outfit. We'll keep praying for Olivia & Beatrice!

Ronda said...

Hi Carrie,

Oh My goodness, I love those pic's.
All your children are growing so fast, but these two littlest blessings seem to be catching up faster than ever imagined possible.

Often times others find nothing but frustrations, complaints, and such, when their lives become chaotic (I too, am quilty of this from time to time). Yet **in looking back**, and looking at just how blessed I am, and how blessed my life is, and always has been, I often see hidden beauty, blessings, and untold gifts from my Heavenly Father.

With-in Chaos can be found:

Just a little something my grandma used to say.

Also, please do send me **ALL** of the coupon links that you have.
That would be such a **tremendous*** help and a wonderful blessing.

Even though I have no children @ home any more (bestill my mothers heart)living as frugally (CHEAPLY...LOL) as possible is still a must, even for **old** folks like us...LOL.

I will send you an email with my "email address" in it...just incase you don't have it..ok? That way you maybe could email them to me....**GRIN**.

Bob and I love you and your family so, and we pray for you all daily.

Love & Prayers,

Danielle said...

Carrie, your family is gorgeous! I, as you are, too, am so grateful for my twins and feel so blessed to have them in my life. I will never forget the first day you called me on the phone and how much I needed to talk to you, a stranger, without even knowing it until then. I hope you know how much that affected me in a positive way. I hope that I have been able to give something in return, whatever it may be. Please give those babies huge hugs from Eve and Lia and I will continue to keep your family in my prayers as always.