Monday, February 25, 2008


Well this past weekend, dad & I decided we would surprise the children & my mom and take them over to Pigeon Forge and stay at the Christmas Inn. You have to know our family, the children have never spent the night away from home except for my parents and my brother's home. So this was BIG stuff to them, and to top it off they had an indoor pool! So off we went. Our first stop was the infamous Bass Pro shop. Hubby had a gift card from Christmas burning a hole in his pocket so we stopped in there before getting into Pigeon Forge. We then arrived at the hotel and come to find out they were having a Santa Convention!!! Everywhere we turned there were Santa's, it was so neat. The children enjoyed the Christmas atmosphere all over again. Our room was phenominal, we stayed in the suite. It had a full kitchen (I mean stove,fridge,dishwasher,microwave and sink w/all the cooking utensils & place settings!) We then spent Saturday tooling around Pigeon Forge looking for some camp clothes. I think they had a good time, check out the pics.

Check out dad at the Bass Pro Shop!
Momma loved the moose

One of the Santas
Another Santa

This jeep was sitting in the parking lot of the hotel.. we loved it!
Check this out!! Awesome! Awesome!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


We'll all I can say is watch out, here comes Cassandra! Daddy & I surprised her with the opportunity to get her permit when she turned 15, so I took her on her birthday and she passed her permit test with flying colors!!! We have already been on the road and doing good. We are so proud of her, but she is growing much to quickly for our liking!!!

Here she is filling out all that paperwork

Almost done

Smile for the DMV