Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Gingerbread Houses

I just love this time of year, it truly is such a special time. This week hubby has been on vacation so we have enjoyed the time together as a family. We took the children yesterday to the Grove Park Inn to see all the beautiful Gingerbread houses. To say how amazing they were doesn't seem to cover it. They really are tremendous! We all had a great time, and got to enjoy the atmosphere of being there. I pray you all are having a wonderful time enjoying spending time with family and friends.

Trying to get everyone to look at the camera is nearly impossible right now.

Our beautiful children

Miera and Liberty's favorite tree! They LOVE *pink*

She said I'm ~wooking at the snow~ (there was a huge window to view out)

My love and I

The Grove Park Inn

the grounds of the Grove Park

The view Liberty was looking at

These are so beautiful

My dream house lol

Noah's ark..really was amazing the details

I love these, they were really neat

One of the many trees at the Grove Park

I love the church with the manger beside

This was the winner for the youth category

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Missing in Action

Yes I have been missing in action. *Life* has consumed me for the past several months. In addition to that I have been without my laptop for nearly 3 months. My power cord finally gave up and died and I just haven't ordered a new one. I always seem to find something more important to spend that money on. My husband on the other hand just says order it. I will, I will after the Christmas season, and maybe after tax time! We have spent the last few months enjoying life and each other. In September our family took a much needed break away. Daddy had spent so much extra time making up for the money that was stole from us. We were able to sneak away for 3 nights, and had a great time in the Lord with each other. Then my hubby and I had already paid for our couples retreat at our church a few months before that, and we took time away for the two of us! It was a blessing to renew our marriage and have just time for the two of us. October was very busy as we prepared for our annual Camp meeting at our church. It was such a blessing to have all the many preachers and their families with us for a few days. Of course the month of November is always busy preparing for the holidays that always seem to approach much more quickly than we anticipate. We enjoyed our Thanksgiving with family and had a tremendous time in the Lord! I am gonna post just a few pics of the past few months and Lord willing I will be able to post more later. I just hate being on this desktop computer tho...its SOOOO old and slow. Even with the fastest internet its slow. Praying everyone will have a wonderful time this month just enjoying the season. Because it truly is not about presents and gifts, its about our Jesus! Pray for us as my hubby and I are doing the Christmas program at our church this year and we just want everyone to see Jesus!

On a ride at Dollywood

At our couples retreat

My little ones getting so big

Having fun at the park, before it started turning *cold*

Still always doing the same thing

family fun in Pigeon Forge

We had such a blast!

Growing up way to fast! So beautiful

My precious babies

My "big" girls aren't they so precious!

Little Miss having fun at the fair

Our little man and little miss at the fair

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Sorry would be what the I would describe the person who stole my wallet that had my husbands ENTIRE 2 weeks paycheck in it.. cashed I might add. I would have to be honest to say that in my flesh I would love nothing more than to have everything they use the money for to burn up! But I have to remember that whomever stole it must "not" know my Lord! For if they did, they would have never done it. We as a family are trying hard to pray for them that the Lord would convict their heart and show them what they have done! I guess my only regret would be that I carry my tracts in my purse not my wallet, so the word of God was not in there. I know that it is just money, but it has set us back 2 weeks! I know the Lord will meet the need as he always has for us. Its just so hard to not get down sometimes. It's not just the money...there were things in there that were important like my license, insurance cards, debit card, and then things that mean nothing to no one but me! Pictures of my children and family! Help us to pray for the person who has it! I know the Lord will get the victory in all of this!

In a more fun note..check out the pics of us playing the game "sorry".

Pondering on her next move

Great Fellowship!

Saturday, July 3, 2010


We have many reasons to celebrate this weekend. Today was our 2nd oldest daughter Cheyenne's birthday. She turned 14 today. My my how the time flys by...I truly can remember her birth as though it was yesterday. She is growing into such a beautiful young lady and we are so proud of her. She loves on the babies all the time. Sometimes to the point where have to ask her to leave them alone for awhile...but that is a good thing we know she will be a great mother. She loves the Lord and last year 2 days after her birthday she was born again! She accepted the Lord as her personal savior, so Monday she will celebrate her spiritual birthday as well!
Then tomorrow we celebrate the birth of our country. I am beyond proud to live here. I have a husband who served his country proudly and to this day would do it again! He loves this country very much and prays that it would turn back to the ways of the Lord!
So to celebrate such wonderful things we took the family to a nearby river. It has picnic areas and places for you to get in and play with the children. They all had so much fun. It was very cloudy at a few points and we were praying it wouldn't rain on us. We grilled out and enjoyed a nice picnic as well.

My dearest love

The twins had such fun, they love the outdoors

The twins love the outdoors but they didn't love the cold mountain water!

I think he was trying to sneak up on the girls

Love this picture

The river area

She loved being on momma, she actually cried when they took her off, looks like I need another Ergo fast!

One of my favorites, many have thought these two were twins as well..they are very closely knit together

Very rare to get a picture of me..I'm usually behind the camera

The birthday girl!

I got several more of her trying to balance, she nearly fell in :)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Isn't it funny how life always seem to consume our time. We again have been very busy lately. I have been putting up beans, and corn. I didn't get a chance to do that last year with the twins coming home from the NICU. My time was consumed with taking care of preemies. We are very excited to be getting our canning and freezing done this year! We put up 68 pint jars of bush beans. I only got 16 3c bags of corn done so far..but much more to do! We will be working on tomatoes and peaches and salsa as those things start coming in. I did put a few pics of a few of my projects I have been working on. Haven't had a chance to take alot of pics as planned. I have been sewing away on culottes for the girls to have for church camp next week. Our little Liberty loved them so much I made her a pair too. The older girls have a split skirt pattern I am making which is wonderful! Looks just like a skirt!! Liberty's is full and long and again looks like an adorable skirt. I made the quilt below for some dear friends of ours at church who are expecting their first little one next month. Lord willing I will get more pics posted later this week (no promises though, lol). Praying everyone is enjoying the summer months. I can tell you I enjoy the fall months much better when the weather isn't so hot!
I have a urgent prayer request I would like all my readers to help me pray over. I had a friend call yesterday and let me know a friend of theirs just got news that their unborn twin babies have TTTS. This is the same thing our family went thru with Beatrice and Olivia. I ask everyone to please pray for them! They will be heading to Cincinnati soon for testing and probably surgery like we had. This is the Shook family... I so covet your prayers for them at this time!

Aren't these the most delicious fabrics!

This is the front

This is the back

Liberty's fabric for her culottes

Liberty in her culottes before our nightly walk around the neighborhood

Olivia Hope

Beatrice Joy

Silas working away planting, and helping daddy with outside work

Cassie canning away