Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Camp Project

Okay so I know this isn't pics of our week, but I love this little bag! The girls all wanted something to carry their bathroom things in for church camp coming up soon.. so I looked at some patterns and found a bag I wanted to make, but the directions were just too ridiculous so I just kinda made my own pattern in my head.. I have one almost done, tell me what you think. I have to still put the zipper in on the top but I just loved it (the girls love it too, that matters most right?LOL).. I made it from scraps I have and now I am on to the other 2 with some other fabric. This is quilted and lined as well. I will post the finished products once done!


Tipper said...

I love the bag! And I'm amazed you made it up in your head-I can barely sew on a button-so I am impressed!

The Cicillian's said...

I love the bag! You did a very good job on it. So where is mine. Miss you all!!!! Love Amber

Sarah said...

oh Fun! I love those little make up bags!