Monday, January 7, 2013

New Year...New Beginnings

I don't know about you but I love the New Year.  It always gives me a sense of new beginnings and a new sense of hope for the new year.  This past year has been filled with many many ups and downs...but thru it all my Lord has been faithful!  This year we are already preparing for a dip in the road.  We received news early in December that our Olivia would not be waiting like we had thought for her heart surgery.  Instead we waited thru the holidays to hear from surgeons for what and when we would be preparing our hearts for this journey.  We found out a few days after Christmas that we would travel back to Vanderbilt Children's Hospital in February for what we pray will be the least invasive procedure for her.  They will attempt to work on her ASD (whole between her 2 upper chambers) via the heart cath lab...if this is not fesable then we are penciled in for open heart the next morning.  While in there they will also attempt to repair her pulmonary valve as well.  The valve has been her biggest problem till this past year.  The ASD never got better, in fact it got a little worse, and so now that is giving her the most trouble.  We know the Lord is in control and we will give him the Glory no matter the outcome.  But we do covet your prayers for her and for us.  I have full trust that the Lord will pave the way and guide our each and every step.

We as a family are looking toward the future of this year with great visions and hopes!  We know that each year we draw closer to our Lords coming...and this year couldn't be any better a time to expect His return.  Until that time (which none of us know when that time will be) we will strive this year more than ever to seek him, serve him, live for him, and reach as many lost and lead them to HIM....because ONLY thru his precious blood may we enter into life eternal with him.  I'm pretty excited about that...can't imagine going thru this life with no month we will walk into a hospital with our hope not lying in the hands of surgeons but in the one who created life itself!

{My apologies for the poor quality of the pics..they are from my instagram}

 Ms. Olivia posing for the camera as always

 I've been on a sewing frenzy since the wedding last year and haven't how their coats turned out..just precious on them

 Some outfits I whipped up on a Saturday cuz I just couldn't pass up these adorable fabric scraps I had