Monday, February 23, 2009


This morning we had another ultrasound and then another Echo Cardiogram at the Cincinnati Children's Hospital. We had a meeting with the surgeon this afternoon and he came in and said well we don't have good news, we have "SPECTACULAR" news. He said the best news possible, our big baby's heart has improved not just better than the last test but better than when all this started. We can't say anything but GOD IS GOOD!! We have been praying for God to help this baby's heart improve, but this is not just a little improved it is ALOT! He said we are on the road to recovery and headed in the right direction. Now my job is to keep these babies baking as long as possible. We know the average for babies that have been thru this is about 31-32 weeks gestation, but I know my Lord and what He can do. I am trying to make it to at least 36-37 weeks. So please help us to continue to pray for long gestation with these girls! Praise God, we are so so thankful for what He has done for our family. Thank you so very much to all our family, friends, blogging friends and some people we have no idea that have prayed for these girls, we are so blessed and thankful.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Still Much To Pray About

This past week has had some ups and downs that we weren't expecting. On Tuesday last week we had our weekly ultrasound with our Perinatalogist and they felt that our recipient baby's heart was measuring in the normal range and said they did not see reverse flow. So to that we felt we were on the road to recovery. Then on Friday we found ourselves back in Cincinnati for our follow up Echo Cardiogram. Our news was not what we were expecting. As of Friday our recipient baby's heart was actually worse than pre-surgery. It was a blow to us and we were unsure or many things. We discussed alot with the surgeon and we are leaving this Sunday for Cincinnati again for another Echo Cardiogram and possibly an ultrasound up there. They feel if the baby's heart is still not better they want to do surgery again. But from what we are understanding it will not truly help these babies and could actually put us in more danger of delivering early and losing them both. We still have alot of questions and still not certain of some things they have told us. Sometimes it is so much to absorb at one time you think of some of the questions as you have left. We don't feel peace about doing a second surgery. We had no hesitation the first time and felt at complete peace with what God was showing us then. This time we don't and I certainly don't want to do what God is not giving us peace about especially concerning our babies. I have another appointment with our perinatologist tomorrow with another ultrasound and they will be doing alot of measurements on the girls. Our prayer and we ask all that read this and know what we are going thru to pray for an improvement in our recipients heart. We want to see good numbers and that she is healing. Please help us to pray for this. God is able to do abundant things and we know this. We want God's will to be done. We are very thankful for everyone praying for these babies and our family. Thank you so very much!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

More Testing

Well we are home. We had more tests this past Thursday at Cincinnati Children's. Our little girl had a bit more fluid which was wonderful, she was moving around like never before. We also were able to see her bladder which was something we couldn't due to her not having alot of fluid. A not so good thing though our bigger baby her heart still has not shown an improvement. Although she has not worsened they want some change for the better. They know this will take time, but they like to see a slight improvement and we didn't. So we leave again this coming Thursday and head back to Cincinnati for more tests on Friday. Our prayer is that we see some improvement with our bigger girl. If no improvement is seen then we will be talking about going back in and doing surgery to see if they missed something. Our prayer is we don't have to do more surgery. There is also more risks the more you mess with the uterus and with the babies. I have also been put on strict bed rest with bathroom and doctors visits only. That is very hard for me, but I will do whatever we have to for these girls. We still have much to pray about. Thank you to all that have been praying we can feel it. Please continue to help us pray, as we still have a long uncertain road ahead. We are just praying God will continue to pave the way.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

2 Heartbeats!!!

Well we had to be at the hospital at 5:30am yesterday. They got me all prepped and ready to go. They were all very carrying to me and the babies. They started about 7:30-7:45am and it lasted about 2 hours. Our girls were sharing about 27 vessels that went to each other. Which on average in this situation they typically see around 16-20 so it was a bit higher than normal. But they feel confident they got them all. Our little baby the "donor" has 30% from herself going straight to the placenta, they hope for at least 20% so we are doing better than hoped for. Actually the other doctor that also does this procedure said he felt it was more like 40%. Either way it is better than hoped for. They then put 2 micro tiny holes in the membranes between the babies to help with the amniotic fluid between them. Last thing they did was take 3 liters of amniotic fluid off our "recipient"baby as she was swimming in what they called an Olympic size pool. They said it was about 6 lbs. We stayed the night at the hospital and early this morning they came in and did an ultrasound and immediately saw 2 heartbeats!!!! We are so blessed. We are now tucked in tight at the hotel as it is snowing like crazy and they are expecting nearly 4 inches or more in some areas. Our next tests are on Thursday and if all still looks stable and good they will release me to head home. We are so thankful for all the Lord has done, he has just blessed us with wonderful doctors and nurses and safe travel. Please continue to pray for the girls, we still have a long road ahead.