Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Prayers for Olivia

The last few days have been a bit of a whirlwind..Our little Olivia is in need of a procedure to fix a valve in her heart. The original plan was to wait till she got a little weight on her, but her Pediatric Cardiologist has been conferring with the Pediatric Interventionist at Vanderbilt and they all feel they need to go ahead with the procedure now. There is a small hole in her heart as of right now and they really need it to stay open while doing the procedure so that there are less risks of pressure issues while doing it. They were supposed to pick her up via flight yesterday and we got bumped twice so we sat all night. They are now on there way here to pick her up this morning. A team from Vanderbilt has been sent via fixed wing (jet) to get her. In the meantime they had to start her on meds to make sure the hole stayed open and there are side effects to that medicine including apnea so they have to ventilate her for that. They have also had to do alot of blood tests thru out the night and she now must have a blood transfusion. I am very concerned as her coloring has changed and is not as good as it was before. We have the sweetest nurses and they are making sure all is well with our little Olivia. Please continue to pray for all of us, but in particular right now Olivia needs prayers as we need to get her there and get this procedure done!! Pray for Beatrice as we will be leaving her here and my parents will be the ones to visit with her while we are away with Olivia.


ccraft said...

Praying, and have passed on the request to Central and beyond!

The Crafts

Lauren said...

I connected to your blog through the Twinstuff website and just want you to know that we have been there and done that with the NICU. My girls never required surgery, but were very little (1 lb. 8 ozs. and 2 lbs. 11 oz.) when born at 28 weeks. We did come close to a possible surgery, but the Lord resolved that issue. I know how scary the idea of surgery can be, so I can't imagine dealing with the reality of surgery. Please know that precious Olivia is in my prayers. Your girls are so beautiful and seeing their NICU pictures reminds me of our girls first weeks of life. Hang in there...there is light at the end of this tunnel.

The Simkus Family said...

We're praying for you guys! I passed the info on to my parents, and their church is praying as well.

My name is Michelle. said...

Ms. Carrie,
You, the girls, Michael and the whole family are in our prayers. I can not imagine and I do pray the Lord will multiply your rest when you have opportunities for it. We love you guys.