Wednesday, August 19, 2009


UPDATE: Those looking for vacation pics and update on our beach excursion it is 2 posts below as I had started it awhile ago.. so scroll down and you will see what fun we had.
We are home, and are very thankful for the Lord bringing Olivia thru this procedure safely. The surgery was a success in that they got in and out safely. But it didn't accomplish what they wanted due to finding a small tissue mass under her pulmonary valve that is blocking the balloon they put in there from tearing the flap properly. So the doctors are hoping (we are praying) that she can make it to between 2-3 years old and then try this again. If it doesn't work then, they will have to do open heart surgery to remove the small tissue so they can then fix the valve. We are praying that we won't have to venture down that road. We are now home and she is doing well. God was good this morning in church we are thankful for such a wonderful pastor and pastors wife. They have been such a blessing to us thru all this, and once again our pastor sat with us while we waited for our little Olivia to come thru the surgery. We discussed many things and had a time of fellowship that is always such a blessing (during which we have all decided Olivia will be the trouble maker out of the two girls) Thank you Preacher and Ms. Vicki!! Thanks to all who have been and continue to pray for our family and these two girls!
Olivia post op..she was a bit loopy

Getting her echo cardiogram done prior to leaving

Resting peacefully

Her little arm was so pitiful, I felt so worried about holding her, but she was a trooper!

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The Munck Family said...

What an amazing family you have. Thanks for stopping by our blog, and yes the girls will post about baby.

Looks like I'll have to come back several times to know your family better and see where the Lord is taking you all.