Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Happy Anniversary

Our anniversary was this past Monday and we spent the evening with our girls. Daddy hadn't held the girls in awhile, and had never held them together so we had a good time getting them with daddy. He loved it, he just kept looking back and forth at them. One of my sweet nurses had left a card for us wishing us a Happy Anniversary and had signed it with the girls footprints and their names, it was so precious. In a million years I would have never dreamed we would be sitting here on our anniversary nor would I have ever thought we would have twins. I am so blessed!! I have a wonderful husband, who loves and adores me and our children. Right now he puts up with my crazy emotions and I am so grateful for that. We have 7 truly amazing children, and our Lord has done so much for us these past few months and truly the past 1 1/2 years. He has laid ground work for all that has come about with these girls, that we would have never guessed then. Thank you Lord for my husband and what he means to me and for my children and what a blessing they are. I also have to mention that our girls are gaining weight. Our little ones weigh exactly the same in grams and pounds/ounces. They are both 3lbs 5oz, 1515 grams!!! We are thrilled.

Happy Anniversary

This was what he did the whole time, back and forth between the two girls

Ms. Beatrice is one of the cute onesies their Uncle and Aunt got them

Ms. Olivia in her onesie from her Uncle & Aunt

They absolutely loved being together, isn't this too sweet

It's so amazing to look at them, both now 3lbs. 5oz


My name is Michelle. said...

Happy Anniversary late! It is so good to see the girls getting along so well. I wish I had been there Sunday morning to see you guys at Church. Hopefully all will be well this week and I'll get to see you. We love you guys and continue to pray.

Lauren said...

I didn't see your update until today. What beautiful pictures! If wasn't a NICU momma myself, I would almost think those were the chubby cheeks of 2 normal size babies. Pictures can be deceiving though. Don't you love watching the chub develop. This may sound weird, but one of my daughters was born with virtually no butt because she was less than 2 lbs. (just a hole..I know I said it may sound weird), but we were so excited when she finally got her chubby little butt cheeks! Having preemies make you appreciate all of the little things.