Sunday, April 19, 2009

Update On Olivia & Beatrice

Our little Olivia's procedure was done on Friday afternoon. The doctor's weren't sure until Thursday that they were even going to do the procedure yet as some of them were uncertain with her weight. Thursday mid day the Pediatric Cardiologist felt that waiting might actually put her in a dangerous position. She is now off the vent and only on a cannula, they plan on starting her on feedings tomorrow which we are thrilled about. We have done nothing but pray that God would show us exactly what He wanted for this little girl and our family. Our little Beatrice had to be put back on the cannula this morning and had to have a blood transfusion as her numbers weren't where they wanted them (UPDATE: they are going to try and take Beatrice off the cannula tonight). I had some points this week that I had no idea which way was up or down, but God has always been there with us and with our girls. I am so thankful for my family, for my parents taking care of our 5 other children. Thank you to my brother & sis-in-law for praying and being there for us and our children. For our preacher and his wife for being there for us while we have been going thru all this back in February till now. For everyone that has been praying for these girls, thank you so very much!!!

The flight team that picked her up on Wednesday

The team assessing her before they put her in their transport unit

This is them putting Olivia in the transport unit, this unit had everything that her NICU had, all on board this piece of equipment. It was truly amazing

The team heading out to take Olivia to the airport as she flew on their "Angel" jet back to Nashville

Daddy spied this when we were about to have the procedure. They have a wall of butterfly's with the donors names who helped build this hospital, this was on one of them. Our children called the twins "Splish & Splash" the whole time we were pregnant, this was so sweet when we saw it. God's little nuggets as my momma would say. We have run into and met so many twins during this journey it is amazing.

These are the two amazing surgeons that the Lord used to work on our Olivia's heart
Dr. Janssen & Dr. Doyle

Little Olivia just after her procedure, with her little warming cap still on

Our precious Olivia this afternoon, she is now only on the cannula and doing well


Lauren said...

Yeah, God! This is so awesome! Once we went through our whole NICU experience, the Lord has really burdened my heart with praying for families who are going through similar situations. Please know that you are being prayed for by a complete stranger, but a sister in the body of Christ. It amazed us by how much the body of Christ ministered to and encouraged us.

That is awesome to hear that they are just on cannulas. Don't get discouraged if they stay on oxygen for a while. My Kate took a couple of weeks to get off of it, but Hannah was on it up until 2 days (10 weeks) before she came home. That was the reason that she didn't come home sooner. Some babies just like to hang on to their oxygen longer. You have beautiful babies.

My name is Michelle. said...

Ms. Carrie,
I am so happy to hear things are going well. We all continue to pray and will be glad to see you all soon. Tell Silus (may have spelled wrong) that the boys said hi, and are missing him. We love you all.