Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Our girls are doing pretty good. We have had some up days and down days. We got back from Vanderbilt last Wednesday and Olivia was doing so good they took her off the cannula on the plane ride back to our NICU. But then on Thursday little Beatrice decided that Olivia had had enough attention and it was her turn to get some. She began to have some issues with her bowels, they felt they were seeing some air in them and took her off feeds and on triple antibiotics. She has been having x-rays each day about twice a day and sometimes every 6 hours. Yesterday they gave her another blood transfusion. She immediately looked pinker, but last night they weren't sure of something they saw on the x-ray which was very scary. They consulted with the pediatric radiologist and a pediatric surgeon and they felt it was nothing of concern. So prayerfully we are on the road to recovery with this situation. We attended church for the first time in awhile since all this has started. We only went to Sunday School and Sunday morning service and then headed to the NICU to spend the afternoon with the girls. As our days are sometimes good and sometimes not so good, I was reminded this past Sunday as I came into our freshly painted church that "JESUS NEVER FAILS". He has been with us every step of the way, and sometimes it's easier to say Lord where are you, why me, why us...please don't think I am a perfect person because my Lord knows my thoughts and already knows those things have come across them. But just as I think them, He reminds me I am here, I have this all under control, this is no surprise to me. I can tell you thru all this, my boldness to witness to others about my Lord has gotten so much stronger. I can't go one day without telling all the new nurses and ones I have had before what my Lord is doing each day thru these girls. So when I get discouraged and have my self a pity party, God nudges me and says remember I will never leave you nor forsake you..just think of what I have already done and know what I am going to do for these girls!!

My church as I sat on Sunday morning service, what a reminder

My Olivia looking sweetly at me just after I held her

My Beatrice loving up on me today

Olivia tuckered out after momma holdin her

Beatrice sleepin in my arms today


Denise said...

Yes my little one...the Lord is good...always on time....and never failing....good golly these little ones look just like their big brother when he was just a wee babe! Always praying...always here for you all...Mama

THE ABBEYS said...

So glad we can keep up with the girls...we're praying...keep the posts coming.
Loving thoughts and prayers....