Friday, May 15, 2009

Getting So Close

The girls are doing amazing. Olivia is now up to 4lbs 3oz, and Beatrice is up to 3lbs 11oz. They have taken 5 straight bottles today and actually taking more than they are supposed to take. We are so thrilled!!! The doctor came in today and said that if they keep going like they are then maybe in a week or so then maybe they could come home. I am so ready for us to be a whole family unit. My heart aches to bring them home, and I get so giddy at the idea that we will have them here with us We have been blessed that they have had no bouts of apnea or brady's (heart rate drops or stopping breathing). Oh I so want them to come home together, that is my hearts desire. I ask everyone to pray that they do. We have eye exams coming up this week from doctors at Vanderbilt, so we pray that they go well. We spent sometime last Sunday on Mother's Day with the girls after church. They allowed all the children to come back.

Ms. Beatrice in her over sized onesie

Ms. Olivia is beginning to fill out her onesies

The girls and I just before Mother's Day

One of my favorite nurses, she was a blessing when Olivia left for Vanderbilt. She prayed with us and was ever so sweet with our girls. I have had so many wonderful nurses, but this lady was such a blessing and has meant the world to me.


Pretty Momma said...

I just happened to follow the link to your site from Money Saving Mom because our first names are the same. I am so delighted I stumbled upon your blog -- you have a beautiful family. I am praying for your tiny, sweet princesses.


THE ABBEYS said...

I absolutely LOVE the picture of your "whole" family -- what amazing blessings!!!!!