Saturday, April 24, 2010

Finally....Word On Olivia!!!

We finally heard about Olivia and her heart. After much prayer...Vanderbilt phoned and let us know they were okay with her heart and where she is right now. We do know that in a year or so she will have to have surgery. We did find that the hole between the upper chambers (ASD) is larger than it was and is causing some of the issues. Her right upper chamber is enlarged and thickened due to the extra flow of blood, but isn't causing problems right now. She is to be monitored every 4 months to watch the situation. They feel that by closing the hole that may help the pulmonary valve and the problems there. We thank the Lord for showing us these new issues and where we stand with them. We are very thankful he led such great surgeons in our lives at Vanderbilt!! Please continue to pray for her, as I would love to see the Lord just heal all of this. But we know ultimately we want the Lords will to be done. Thank you all for praying with us and for Olivia!



They really think they are something now standing like this

Oh what fun we're going to have when they are walking!!


Chad and Jessica's Family said...

PRAISE GOD!!!!! This is wonderful. He is so good and I know she is in good hands :) You are blessed and your children are beautiful.


Lauren said...

I wasn't going to comment until I saw the caption under your very last picture about what fun it will be when they both start walking. From one twin mom to another...get ready! You are lucky to have so many other hands to help you catch them! That's great news that she's okay for now!

The Pauls' Family said...

We will continue to lift Olivia up in prayer and thank the Lord that He is in control of the decisions to be made and knows what's best for this sweet little girl.

Rebecca Pauls said...

Thats wonderful that the problem has been found! We will be praying for you in the year to come, that the Lord's will may be done and that He will grant you the strength you need to go through whatever lies ahead!
Josh and Becca