Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Precious One's

My precious children. Sometimes serious, sometimes silly. We are still praying about the job transfer and are awaiting to hear about the 2 jobs that came open the end of last month. We are a little bummed as we have been told they still haven't filled them, so here we are waiting. Hubby got an email this afternoon and the lady said she was hoping to have it finalized today or tomorrow.. please pray as we were told the same thing last Wednesday. We just want to know one way or the other.


Ronda said...

Hello Mrs. Carrie,

How are you feeling these days? Good and well rested I hope and pray.
Bob and I will most def be praying about those 2 job openings for you hubby. I just know that it's God perfect will for your entire family to be here in Asheville again (HOME).

Please tell all your little one's that we say hello :)

Love & Prayers,


The kids are growing so fast. We miss you guys and are praying everything is going good. Love Tina