Monday, February 23, 2009


This morning we had another ultrasound and then another Echo Cardiogram at the Cincinnati Children's Hospital. We had a meeting with the surgeon this afternoon and he came in and said well we don't have good news, we have "SPECTACULAR" news. He said the best news possible, our big baby's heart has improved not just better than the last test but better than when all this started. We can't say anything but GOD IS GOOD!! We have been praying for God to help this baby's heart improve, but this is not just a little improved it is ALOT! He said we are on the road to recovery and headed in the right direction. Now my job is to keep these babies baking as long as possible. We know the average for babies that have been thru this is about 31-32 weeks gestation, but I know my Lord and what He can do. I am trying to make it to at least 36-37 weeks. So please help us to continue to pray for long gestation with these girls! Praise God, we are so so thankful for what He has done for our family. Thank you so very much to all our family, friends, blogging friends and some people we have no idea that have prayed for these girls, we are so blessed and thankful.


Mark and Rosalie Pauls and family said...

We are praising God with you! What great news. God is so good :)

Ronda said...

Hi Mrs. Carrie,
Praise God is just about all their is to say. I was so very thrilled to get the good news.
Love to you all, and remember that we are all still praying.
Love & Prayers,

Forever Young said...

That is SPECTACULAR news! Who says God isn't in the miracle business anymore? I will pray for 37 weeks - full term, healthy babies, healthy mom. To God be the glory!

Tipper said...

HOORAY!! God is awesome! So glad for the good news-and I will continue to pray for you all!