Monday, February 16, 2009

Still Much To Pray About

This past week has had some ups and downs that we weren't expecting. On Tuesday last week we had our weekly ultrasound with our Perinatalogist and they felt that our recipient baby's heart was measuring in the normal range and said they did not see reverse flow. So to that we felt we were on the road to recovery. Then on Friday we found ourselves back in Cincinnati for our follow up Echo Cardiogram. Our news was not what we were expecting. As of Friday our recipient baby's heart was actually worse than pre-surgery. It was a blow to us and we were unsure or many things. We discussed alot with the surgeon and we are leaving this Sunday for Cincinnati again for another Echo Cardiogram and possibly an ultrasound up there. They feel if the baby's heart is still not better they want to do surgery again. But from what we are understanding it will not truly help these babies and could actually put us in more danger of delivering early and losing them both. We still have alot of questions and still not certain of some things they have told us. Sometimes it is so much to absorb at one time you think of some of the questions as you have left. We don't feel peace about doing a second surgery. We had no hesitation the first time and felt at complete peace with what God was showing us then. This time we don't and I certainly don't want to do what God is not giving us peace about especially concerning our babies. I have another appointment with our perinatologist tomorrow with another ultrasound and they will be doing alot of measurements on the girls. Our prayer and we ask all that read this and know what we are going thru to pray for an improvement in our recipients heart. We want to see good numbers and that she is healing. Please help us to pray for this. God is able to do abundant things and we know this. We want God's will to be done. We are very thankful for everyone praying for these babies and our family. Thank you so very much!


Tipper said...

Oh I'm so sorry for the disappointing news. I was hoping and praying all would be well. I will lift you both-and the twins-up in prayer. Prayer for their strengthening health and for your clear discernment about it all.

Forever Young said...

I just finished praying for you all and complete healing in the name of Jesus Christ. I pray that when the next echo is done that they will see complete healing and the glory can only go to God. May the Lord bless you all with supernatural strength and peace from Him.

Ronda said...

Hello Mrs. Carrie,
Oh my dear, please know that with all of your ups and downs, good news and not so good news, please know that Bob and I are still keeping all of you and your two precious little one's in our prayers. We will continue to pray for God's will and God's healing touch for your precious little one's.
We love all of you very much.
Love & Prayers,

Becky K. said...


For health, peace and the Lord's Perfect Will.

May God be very real to you as you walk through these rough waters. He is your comfort and your strength, as you obviously are very aware.

My name is Michelle. said...

We love you and your family sister and will continue to pray daily/hourly and anytime you come to mind. Love you,