Thursday, July 17, 2008

My Life In A Can

We'll not really in a can, but that is about how I feel since doing some of my canning this week. We really started Monday night. We usually have a large garden and put up most of our own veggies, but this year since we are renting and trying to move to North Carolina we decided not to. My WONDERFUL brother & sis-in-law gave us some beans, so Monday night we started washing and snapping them. Tuesday morning I headed to Wally World as hubby said go and buy you a nice Pressure Canner (said it will be very used with this family), so off I went and got back to spend all day Tuesday canning beans. Bright and early Wednesday morning we started blackberry jam (we have an abundance here at this house), then we started our applesauce and apple butter. This morning we finished off with another batch of blackberry jam, and some corn. Tomorrow I will be picking up some peaches at the farmers market and making peach jam, and we might do some more applesauce as the children loved it! I have to give a big thank you to my youngins they were such a great help to me!! It usually takes me alot longer but now that they are older they can help alot. We did the math and we have done the following.
1. Green Beans 42 Pints
2. Applesauce 20 Pints
3. Apple Butter 8 1/2Pints, 6 4oz Jars
4. Blackberry Jam 18 1/2Pints, 22 4oz Jars
5. Corn 12 Quart size freezer bags

My new 16qt Presto Pressure Canner

Oh I was just so tickled with my beans!

This is only part of the finished product

We usually do this with an electric knife but I can't seem to find mine...guess I need to ask for a new one for Christmas.......hint hint honey


Tipper said...

Carrie-you have been busy busy! But doesn't it feel so good to store up all that goodness? Last year was the first time I made applesauce-and I can't wait to make some more this year!

Peggy said...

Don't you just love knowing your family will be fed with food you put up!

Dana said...

YUM! You have been busy. I always have such great plans to can and can and can. Then after about the second batch or day of it of the summer I'm burned out. My cherry jelly I made this spring never set up and our tomatoes haven't started ripening yet!! Ugh!! We always freeze our beans and corn. One thing we do for sure is make grape jelly from our grapes. I'm rambling . . .