Monday, July 21, 2008

Little Something For My Pumpkin

It started with this adorable yellow shirt with tiny pink flowers on it for my little pumpkin. I bought this shirt at a consignment sale, but I had nothing to go with it. So Saturday night I dug through my scraps and thought, hey this will match! I just cut and sewed and made up this little skirt pattern for my little miss. She looked so cute in it Sunday for church. All my other girls said oh that is so cute I wish I were little! Yeah don't we all sometimes..........Hopefully later today or tomorrow I will post the finished product on my Oliver and S pattern..she has wore that already and it is so cute. I am off now to make some peach jam..have a blessed day!


Tipper said...

So pretty! You are so talented.

Dana said...

I love that Ginger Blossom fabric! Great job!