Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Park & Pie

Yesterday the kids and I went consignment hunting! We love to find exceptional deals and either keep it the way it is or change it up. As we went hunting we were in the neighborhood of dads work, so he invited us to lunch at a nearby park. The kids had a very good time. Since we were on the hunt I didn't think to bring my camera! Thank goodness for my teenagers camera phone! Won't forget that again... Then today I decided to make a scrumptious dinner for my crew as they were all feeling a bit under the weather. What better way to make them all feel better then to have a homemade strawberry/rhubarb pie and some yummy to die for lasagna.. I think the kids loved it! Hope you don't get too hungry while looking (mom, lol).


The Cicillian's said... I do have my ways of getting even......tempt me with the pie and lasagna, will ya, just wait till I have a kitchen and ya all are just getting ready to move into your new house eating Ingles boxed dinners....I will have a feast and not share!!!LOL I miss you all, well at least the grandbabies..LOL I love you Carrie Bear..Love Mama O

tipper said...

Finally! I have been trying to comment for the last few days and it just wouldn't work (horrible dial up service).

What a fun day! And your food looks delicious. Looks like a perfect end to a perfect day.

David & Rebekah said...

See... and you just wanted to get her the regular phone with on camera or anything. Aren't you glad for Grandma now!!!

Oh, BTW. Where's my pie and lasagna. That looks much more edible than these silly "Jelly Roll" thing!!!

homespun living said...

Gorgeous kids! And your pie and lasagna have made me hungry ~ they look delicious.
Thanks for your recent visit!