Tuesday, November 27, 2012

*{The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year}*

I expect that you have had a blessed Thanksgiving and enjoyed it with family and maybe even your closest friends.  We have much to be thankful for in these days..the Lord has blessed us with more than we've ever had and more than we ever deserved.  I am one that is thankful for many things this year, one being *home*
We took the opportunity this year to do a tradition we've done off and on all our married life.  We go to a Christmas tree farm and cut our own tree.  The kids have always loved this tradition and we had much fun this year as well.  We love Christmas here in our home, it means so much to this family and we love to go all out during this season! Our house is aglow and candles are burning with the smell of fresh pine, I sit and knit and enjoy a Christmas movie on Hallmark..dreaming of a white Christmas of course :)  I seem to reflect more on things this time of year..I should all year but for some reason I always do more now..I sit and think of where the Lord saved me from and what He's given me with my husband and children..my home and family {parents, brother & family} I like to try and slow down a bit..and yes I know that seems impossible at Christmas.  I mean my calendar is nearly booked every day in December, but I found myself today making Christmas lists of things I pray to make/buy for my family..and then I sat and enjoyed a day of sappy Christmas movies with my kids and knitted the whole time..just loved the rest and comfort on this overcast day.  I don't want these days to pass me by..days with my kids at home and them wanting to be near and play and talk...I think we all take those moments for granted in our lives.  I pray even tho we all have a busy schedule coming up, that you too will take the time to enjoy the things the Lord has blessed you with..your spouse, children, parents, friends, your home and the things He's already given you.  Relax, breath, and know no matter what our Lord is in control of all things.

 Our wagon ride to the tress
 Enjoying the sights on our ride
 My little ones being silly while picking out our tree
 what a beautiful view here {always thought it would be neat to own a Christmas tree farm}
 My beautiful Cheyenne
Daddy & Silas cutting down our tree

 Our ride back from the holler
 The had such a wonderful time posing...probably cuz so many people were doting over them and wanting to take their pictures 
 My beautiful family {sure miss our oldest girl in this pic}
 My sweetie with the help of little man, Chy & me got this looking ~beautiful~
we also have several pines lining the property lit up as well..they look so cottage like with the house in the background

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The Munck Family said...

Looks like a fun tree trip, and the house...Oh it looks like something from a post card to cute!!!!