Thursday, January 13, 2011

SnOw....sNow...and more SNOW

Well the last few weeks has given us more snow than I think we've seen in awhile. We had a wonderful white Christmas. It was so wonderful to wake up and see it snowing..but it soon turned into a lot of snow! But it was truly wonderful, and we got to spend it with all my family. Then this past Sunday night into Monday morning we got another 10-12 inches of snow. Hubby was unable to make the trip down the mountain to South Carolina to work so he spent the day with us. We still did all our schooling (yes we homeschoolers still did school) and then took about 30 minutes and bundled everyone up. The little ones resembled abominable snow people! I can't even count the layers we had on everyone! We took a nice walk or should I say trek thru the neighborhood! Later that evening we made homemade snow cream! I haven't had that in years! We even colored it blue. What fun we had with our children.

The beginning of the journey

The only way daddy got the wagon thru was a few vehicles actually attempted to go out. A few times the wheels actually were stuck, due to the snow being so deep.

My little snow people

Beatrice loved it!

Olivia had to think about it for awhile, then she loved it.

They had 2 quilts on them, in addition to the many layers already on them.

We told her not to eat the yellow snow hahaha

My sweetie and I

Home Sweet Home

Plows didn't even try coming out till very late that night, which by then didn't help much!

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