Friday, May 7, 2010

Family Fun

Our family has been missing in action I know. We have had many things going on in the past few weeks. We had a full weekend of Youth Rally at our church, with lots of preaching and singing and youth activities for our young people. It's a blessing to see what the Lord has done in the hearts of our children personally but also in the hearts of others. Daddy then has had this whole past week off and doesn't return to work till Monday. So we have had lots of fun this week. The older girls and I took a day Monday and went shopping..daddy sent us off and said have fun..WE DID!! Then we have a visiting preacher in and went to services that evening. Tuesday was my hubby & I's anniversary and we spent the day out just having fun. We had a great lunch at a real New York Style Pizza place. He took me to my favorite knit shop and I got some great yarn. We got the girls some new dresses, and daddy new shoes! Then off to church again! Wednesday we spent at home, and daddy did a little car work, then off to Wednesday night church. Yesterday we had a day to just hang with the family. We went to Pisgah Inn on the parkway and also to Looking Glass Falls, and Sliding Rock. We ended the evening by going to my nephews ball game, oh what fun that was. Today we are vedging around the house. I am hoping to get my herbs planted, whiled daddy and little man are off fishing. We have a youth rally at a church nearby that our pastor is preaching at and our young people are singing at, so off to church again. We love this life the Lord has given us. I can't think of anything better for us to do while hubby is on vacation than to spend it at church! Praying your week has gone well and you have a great weekend!

Looking Glass Falls

My older girls

The twins having fun on their trip


My sweetheart & I

Daddy & little man

Daddy and some of the girls

Momma & the older girls

Momma & her favorite son

My adorable nephew

My dad

Liberty running at my nephews game

He was getting tuckered out!

Put me in coach (just happens to be his daddy)

My brother, his sweet wife little man (their new baby was sleepin)

My parents


Chad and Jessica's Family said...
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Chad and Jessica's Family said...

Beautiful pictures and so much fun. What a blessing for you to have your husband for a whole week!!!!