Wednesday, January 28, 2009

In Need Of Prayers

As I begin this post I find it hard to write the words needed. We had an ultrasound today and found our little bundles have what is called Twin to Twin Syndrome. This means one baby is getting all the nutrients and then some, and the other is getting little to none. Our baby "B" is what is called a donor baby and is 40% smaller than baby "A". We are being sent to a world renowned hospital for surgery to try and fix/reverse this before we lose both babies. As of right now both babies hearts are in overdrive to survive. We desire and covet your prayers more than anything. My sweet brother and sis in law are on their way to pick up our 5 children and take them home. Then tomorrow my momma, hubby and I start our journey to Ohio thru nasty weather and pray the roads are clear so I can be at my first appointment early Friday morning. Again please pray for our family all around. I think I may be taking a laptop and pray if I can to try and keep things updated as we go.


Forever Young said...

It's great to meet you in the blogging world. What a beautiful family you have and how grieved I was to 'meet' you today only to find the news that you all are dealing with. I just finished praying for you, the twins, safe travels and for a peace that passes all understanding.

Mark and Rosalie Pauls and family said...

I have been thinking about you and praying for you during this time. May God's love and peace surround you and your family.