Sunday, November 3, 2013


One day I will slow down and be able to keep up with this blog lol.  Our life is always busy it seems! I am posting some pics of our happenings this summer.  We've had eventful things some happy, sad, frightening, and exciting!

One frightening was my dad getting in a very severe tractor trailer accident back in September.  He was asleep in the sleeper while his driving partner was fell asleep at the wheel.  It was very bad, but thank the Lord for protecting his life.  He has a very long road to recovery! He had 2 lower vertebrae broken, his knee broken, and his clavekal  and sternum broke as well. At this point he is still not healing, so we ask for much prayer for him.  Also pray for my mother as she is taking care of him right now.

As for exciting news, we had a phone call the middle of last month that our daughter and son-in-law are expecting their first child in June!  This will be our first grand-child and we can't wait.  Pray for a healthy, safe, and very little morning sickness for momma and baby!

We have another one fixing to start driving in the house too!

Enjoy the pics I pray everyone is preparing for the holidays at home and in their hearts!
 Fun on vacation
 Our princesses got a makeover on vacation 
 always the clown of the family 
 fun times at Master Clubs at church
 Our son teaching the adult Sunday School class
 picnic in the front yard
 My beautiful girls
 my sweet hubby got a transfer {home} so now we enjoy an occasional lunch together
 our oldest daughter and son in law {baby due in June 2014}
 having fun at the ocean
 lots of crafting been going on here
 practicing our driving skills
 love these two girls to pieces! {aren't they beautiful}
 Miera gave us all a makeover 
 my daddy when he got home from the accident
 on our way to the beach!!
 being silly and having fun
 daddy brought these home and they had some much fun with them
 summer fun and friends!
 while the older kids were away the littles and I got starbucks while we did more tomatoes
First time singing in front of the church
 Yardsale fun
 I whipped up these little dresses and skirt for the girls. I love how they turned out
 Best Friends meeting "willie"
 Our boy on his first youth outing at Dollywood

Sweet getaway with my man!
 Lots of canning this summer
 Creamed corn
 Beans, beans, and more beans
Tomato basil sauce

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