Wednesday, March 6, 2013


To say the words thank you wouldn't even cover our gratitude for all that everyone did for us the past couple of weeks.  Those who prayed and seeked the face of God on behalf of our Olivia, we say thank you! 
The doctor had originally thought she had 1 hole between her upper chambers.  Once in there, they found 3 holes.  They were able to close 2 holes with a special device, but the third hole was too close to a main artery and was too risky to close at this time.  They feel that hole will not give her trouble tho, so we are thankful for that.  They also checked her gradient numbers on her pulmonary valve and saw that once the holes were closed they looked better.  So they did nothing on the valve.  They feel confident that she will live a normal healthy life.  We will keep a monitor on her, to watch the valve and the other hole, but for now they are pleased.  We are thrilled tho!! So thankful for all the Lord has done for her.  We as parents are so unworthy of his precious grace, but he saw fit in his mercy and love to bless us with his care.  

This is child is such a trooper, never one time crying from fear, or anxiety   She loves her doctors, and always had a smile on her face.  Each time they would come in and check her and poke her, she would smile and say thank you.  Only 2 times did she get upset and that was due to her missing home, and Beatrice.  She said a few times she wanted Beatrice and to go home.  So thankful for her love for family!

This is the butterfly wall at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital.  The butterfly wall says splish and splash, this is what our children called the twins while we were pregnant with them.  This was  a nugget from the Lord the first time we had to visit this hospital nearly 4 years ago, with Olivia's first heart surgery at 8 days old.

Her wonderful surgeon ~ Dr. Janseen

All gowned up and ready to go daddy

Playing doctor on teddy.

In recovery waiting for our precious to wake up

Praising the Lord and heading home.


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The Pauls' Family said...

This is great news! Rejoicing with you :)