Monday, December 22, 2008

Sweet Birthdays & Twins Checkup

All is well here on the Cooper home front! My 3rd baby girl had a birthday recently and absolutely loves the show "I Love Lucy" so her grandma & grandpa went in with momma and daddy and we got her a Lucy doll for her birthday.. It is a collectors edition mind you, but she says you can't just leave them in the box!! I think she enjoyed her birthday and we are truly blessed to have her as our sweet daughter. On another note, I headed to the doctor and had a check up and another ultrasound and all is well with the twins. Their little hearts are beating great and they look wonderful. We are very happy and excited. I had been worrying a bit, just seems to be part of my nature and God took care of everything, as He always does. He is never failing when it comes to our needs!
Baby girl and her "Lucy doll"
Lovin that cake sissy made her

Twins looking down on their heads, and you can see they almost look like they hitting each other

Twin A's little leg and torso

Twin B looking straight at us

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Ronda said...

Oh my goodness, what sweet picutre's of your lovely little girl and her doll, and what amazing photo's of ur little twins. Such blessings, such love, such amazement.
Love & Prayers,