Monday, November 3, 2008


I completely believe it is our civic duty to get out and vote at each and every election. As Christians I think it is even more important to vote, we have to protect the things we believe in, and during this election SOOOOOO much is at stake. Please take the time to go vote.

This is my son when he was born in 2001...this was just after 9/11. I think it represents so much. GOD, our country, and the men & women who serve our country. This was our flag, my husbands beret (he served our country for 6 years including time in Kuwait) and my dad's Bible.

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Denise said...

We have always loved this picture..a true picture of our country and the young innocent lives at stake..and the Word of God that this great country was founded on..We as Gods people must take a stand regardless of who is in office and not back down..not compromise...and never forget the great sacrifice that the Lord made for us...Vote according to Gods Word... the answer will be clear... Love ya Carrie Bear...Mama