Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My little Tiger Scout

My little man and his daddy are now in the Tiger Scouts (Boy Scouts). You start out on your journey as Bear then a Tiger and then you climb the ranks (hope mommy has that lingo right). They had their meeting to check it out and they had to bring a dessert made by them together. So they made chocolate torte (a family tradition). They did a wonderful job making it without the help of mom I might add. Then we headed off to the Boy Scout headquarters to get his uniform and patches. Then this past Monday night they had their official first meeting together and had a blast. Check my men out aren't they so cute!!!

They worked very hard on their dessert

Check out the headquarters, pretty neat

Aren't they cute! I love their uniforms. I was always a sucker for my honey in a uniform. Guess that's why I married an army man, lol


The Cicillian's said...

Silas where is Bean and my
chocolate torte. You look so cute in you uniform.

David & Rebekah said...

Once I found the mute button I really enjoyed your post...LOL!!!

JK... that is really neat. I wish I had learned how to do "boy scout stuff."

As for the torte... I'm with your brother... where's mine???

The Abbeys said...

Looks like fun Silas!!!

(David rude!! - I actually just left a comment on your question about music on blogs!!!LOL)

Carrie, I like the music - leave it on here!!!!